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The "Show Me" Season: Bye Week Open Thread

Bruins are not in action today. I know lot of you are really concerned about the direction of our football program. But no worries folks.

Despite producing two more humiliating losses in the ongoing Dorrell era, our head coach thinks the team is in "still in a pretty good position in conference"!:

In fact Baghdad Karl is feeling so good about his team that he called off practices yesterday and today (they are having a "meeting" tomorrow and they will not practice as they usually don't on Monday). He is not all that worried about a QB situation which depends on Cowan's return, and the ability of the Law Firm or Forcier (as Baghdad Karl seems determined to freeze out Osaar Rasshan) his unstoppable WCO.

So what can we do? Well keep the discussions going on's billboard idea. Watch the games today. There are some good ones such as USC at UNC, LSU at Kentucky, or even BC at ND.

Keep the chatter going. And post anything we should take note of here in our bye week open thread.