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Sunday Thoughts: Cal Game Will Mean NOTHING

Wanted to share some scattered thoughts to end this bye weekend. The big news was Cal choking away a possible chance to play in the BCS championship game thanks its freshman QB Kevin Riley, going Wayne Cook in their last play of the game. Those of you, who watched this game more than 13 years ago, know what I am talking about.

Damn you Wayne. All you had to do was spike the ball!!

Anyway predictably following Cal's loss, another less than impressive Southern Cal victory, and general trend of upsets around the country, we have some Dorrell cultists piping up like the ginormous tools they are, saying well all other good coaches around the country are having their share of bad days too.

If I have to spell out for you why Dorrell do not belong in the same sentence as a coach like Tedford, then you shouldn't be reading BN. This place is not for you.

If I have to spell out for you why Pom Pom despite his imperfections is in a different league than a doofus like Dorrell, again do not bother posting or hanging out here. Take your sports IQ and hang out in the same places, where excuses were being made for Steve Lavin when he was putting up his completely meaningless "big" victories over Stanford and Arizona teams during his worthless years in Westwood.

The way this year is shaping up now, I will not be surprised at all if UCLA football team beats Cal at home and Southern Cal in the last game (with some joke bowl on the line for both teams) putting up some kind of 8-9 regular win season.  It will be perfectly Dorrellian, for Cowan to come back this coming Saturday, and lead UCLA to an ugly win a typically unwatchable sloppy Dorrellian game against a Tedford led Cal team, which still hasn't figured how to beat Dorrell at the Rose Bowl. And given what I have seen from Cal's defense this entire season, I can see UCLA winning this Saturday (and as of this point I am expecting it) despite the increasingly notorious "Dorrell factor" which is becoming well known outside the parameters of Bruins Nation.

Obviously we are not going to buy the BS charade and get caught up in UCLA's Pac-10 record this season even if it continue to put up victories against less than impressive teams. To give Dorrell any credit for future victories will be similar to giving Lavin credit for victories like the one he had against #1 seeded Cincinnati during the second round of the NCAA, the year before he got fired.

So I don't really care about the upcoming Cal game all that much. I do expect a win because I always expect UCLA football team to win its games at home. To me that should be business as usual. And a victory over teams like Cal should never be worthy of some kind of extra credit.

What Dorrell does from here on out means nothing.

We are done with him. We are finished with him.

Oh, I am sure I along w/ others will be reading the stories during the game week. I may even get inspired enough to compile my notes on the Bears (no promises here). But honestly I don't give a da*n about this upcoming game. And I believe I am not the only one.  I believe there are thousands of us who are just going through the motions at this point until we get our program under a brand new football coach.

But don't blame us for being so unexcited and lifeless when it comes to our football program. Blame the doofus posing as a football coach on our sidelines, embarrassing and humiliating the name of our alma mater on a yearly basis, turning it into one of the laughing stocks of college football.

We have simply moved on and are looking forward to our next coach. Until then all the football games that will still feature a clown like Dorrell as the UCLA head coach will mean absolutely nothing.