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Trying Timmeh

Apparently Timmeh has been acting up again. As pointed by some of you in the comment thread Timmeh had this to say last week during the Gap Closer's midnight madness:

"Is everybody fired up? We are fired up," coach Tim Floyd told the crowd. "Our goal is to sell out every single night this year."

Among the Trojans' home opponents are Kansas and Oklahoma.

"We're going to try to kick those guys' (expletive) across town this year, too," Floyd said, referring to the rival Bruins.
I guess "try" is operative word for this joker. In case all the Trojan losers who lurk around here on BN, here is a little reminder of what kicking (expletive) in hoops look like. Exhibit 1:

Then there is exhibit 2:

That was just last year. If you want the whole picture, I'd give you this from Perleman at What's Bruin:
[P]erhaps most amazing of all was Wooden's turnaround of UCLA's series against USC. When he came to Westwood in 1948, USC led the all-time series with the Bruins by an overwhelming 59-19 margin. But in 27 seasons, Wooden was 61-20 (.753) against the Trojans, and UCLA took the series lead only in its final meeting in his final season. When he retired in 1975, the Bruins led the series, 80-79.

Today, the all-time series with USC stands decisively in UCLA's favor at 124-99, meaning that beating the Trojans is one Wooden legacy that the UCLA coaches who followed him kept up. Since Wooden's retirement after the 1974-75 season, the Bruins are 44-20 (.688) against their crosstown rivals.

What about Ben Howland? He's 5-3 against USC so far, but 5-1 in his last three years.
And he is just getting started. But I guess Timmeh will always keep "trying."