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Preparing For The Inevitable

It sounds like Bruce Davis has already forgotten how his team embarrassed itself and the entire university at the Rose Bowl during its last game. Dohn has Bruce talking about how the defense "dominated" Notre Dame:

"We’re good. We took a loss last week, but, hey, we dominated in our loss,’’ Davis said. "It’s unfortunate we lost the game the way we did. I have said that we didn’t get as many turnovers as we should have. When a freshman quarterback comes in the game, you’ve gotta get the football.’’
I guess Bruce doesn’t really care all that much about the total team effort and the final score. Otherwise he wouldn’t sound like an athlete in total denial.

Davis is not the only player in total denial in Dorrell’s joke of a program. From Dohn’s reports today that everyone is fired up about being "three and oh" in the Pac-10 (!):
"It wasn't that we didn't believe it," UCLA defensive end Bruce Davis said. "We were so disgusted with how we played, it made it tough. But we still believe it. It's still there. We made that happen. We're 3-0 in the Pac-10 right now. We did that. We feel capable of handling our business."
Uh hum. Sure Bruce. You guys really handled your business as a team against Utah and Notre Dame. More creampuff reporting from rest of the article:
UCLA welcomes No. 10 California to the Rose Bowl for homecoming Saturday. Instead of the Bears being the top-ranked team in the nation, they are smarting after Saturday's 31-28 loss to Oregon State.

Arizona State (7-0, 4-0 Pac-10) is the surprising front-runner, mostly because in the past two weeks the top teams in the conference have suffered unexpected, ugly home defeats against bottom-tier teams.

Cal's loss to Oregon State was simply stunning compared with the week before, when 41-point underdog Stanford shocked USC. And UCLA sees reason in both to further its belief it could win the Pac-10 title and grab a BCS berth.

The naysayers quickly trumpet Utah and Notre Dame as laughable reasons for UCLA's view on the matter. The Bruins only need to point to Oregon State and Stanford, both teams UCLA defeated handily on the road, as reason for optimism.

"We don't really care what anybody else thinks," UCLA tailback Kahlil Bell said. "Notre Dame had their day. The great thing about football is anything can happen any day. Stanford beat 'SC, at home, a (35)-game win streak, so anything is possible.

"I know a lot of people might not take us serious, but at the end of the year, when we find out where we stand, then we'll wind up what other people think of us."
Uh yeah Kahlil. None of us are taking your clown headcoach’s program seriously because what his program has done year in and year out for last four+ years.

The funny thing is though, I believe we are going to win this weekend’s game. I have seen four Cal games this year. And frankly I am not really all that impressed with the talent they have on their defense. Don’t get me wrong. I think Coach Tedford is a superb head coach, who is getting most out of his offense. They have better skill set players at WR, but I am not sure whether they have superior talents at RB positions or at OL. However, unlike Dorrell Tedford knows how to coach up his QBs, who in turn get the most they can out of their available offensive talent.

But UCLA because of its access to the Southern California recruiting base has enough talent on its roster to win this game despite lack of credible leadership from its head coach, which is known around here as "the Dorrell Factor".

13-9 showed last year that we do not need a head coach to win an emotional game at home. I believe our guys are going to be fired up enough that they will be able to pull out an ugly victory with a superb defensive effort and less than average offensive output (which pretty much takes place during most Dorrell "coached" games).

Again Cal is banged up. Even if Longshore is back he is not exactly the most mobile QB. He is kind of hurt. The games I have seen him play he looks like a QB who doesn’t have a good feeling on defensive pressure. Reminds you of someone? Yet, he get the best out of his abilities by taking advantage of the great play calling courtesy of the offensive mind of Jeff Tedford.

As for rest of the Cal team I don’t think the talent in their OL (which is athletic) is greater than our OL. I certainly believe our defense is more talented, experience and deeper unit than their defense. I like our special teams better. So all in all, I believe we are going to win this game despite of Karl Dorell, sending all Dorrell cultists and the clueless morons in LA’s MSM into a frenzy, reminiscent of all those Lavinistas and his MSM apologists high fiving each other following his meaningless, charade like wins against Stanford and in some other decent teams.

But then we will come crashing back to reality sometime down the line and most likely find out that our (head)coachless football team will not be able to sustain that emotional high on a game by game level for rest of the season. Just like what happened against Arizona in 05 and Florida State in 06.

It is inevitable in the world of Dorrellian football. Just might as well get your minds ready for it.