Coach Ben Howland Gives an Update After First 5 Practices

You can read about it all here at:  

This is the part I like best:  
on Luc changing his shot

"He improved his shot by changing his stroke. He now has a much shorter, more compact stroke. Through proper fundamentals and lots of repetition. He did it, number one, through his efforts and hard work. We started in the spring having him shooting one-handed..."

Luc Richard with a reliable 3-point shot?  I will bet you Pac-10 teams are shivering at the very thought.  Just another example of how a player can improve under a good head coach.  Instead of making the trip to Arizona to watch our pathetic football program threaten to embarrass the good UCLA name once more, I will be witness to a program running at full steam on the previous day at Pauley Pavilion (Nov 2 vs Azusa Pacific).

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