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Tragicomic Football News & Notes

Here we go again. Brace yourself people. According to Dohn the Thinker is getting "more involved" with our offense:

With the offense failing to score a touchdown in its previous game and criticism growing about UCLA's offense, Bruins head coach Karl Dorrell acknowledged he is taking a bigger role in the offense.

Several players said Dorrell began getting more involved last week, when UCLA had a bye.

Dorrell worked more with the receivers and the quarterbacks in aiding first-year UCLA offensive coordinator Jay Norvell.

"I'm just making sure we're doing the little things," Dorrell said. "That's what I know."
And if you are thinking that you are having flashbacks to last season, you are absolutely right. From the same article:
Coincidentally, Dorrell made a similar move last season before the Cal game, when then-offensive coordinator Jim Svoboda was being criticized for poor play-calling and a stagnant offense through UCLA's first eight games. By the end of the season, Dorrell was heavily involved in the installation of game plans and playcalling.
More comedy to explain the move from our Sleeping Beauty:
"We just got to play better," Dorrell said. "And (coaching offense) is what I do. That's what has gotten me here."
Again as folks have noted here, I don’t think Dorrell even cares at this point. He is just saying "stuff" to fill his allocated time with the beat reporters. I mean the contrast with his counterpart from the basketball team, is beyond remarkable at this point. It is just sad and frankly kind of disgraceful. I’d be ashamed of this clown if I were an employee at Morgan Center had to go to work everyday knowing this idiot makes a million dollars year to embarrass not just the program, but our entire university on a daily basis.

We are not done with the joker yet though. Dohn has more comedy from the idiot in a post titled "Riley or Longshore":
Does it matter whether UCLA faces Cal QB Kevin Riley or Nate Longshore this week? That question was posed to UCLA coach Karl Dorrell, and he said it really would not alter Cal's offensive approach.
"I''m not really for certain if that's going to change their game plan. They are such a balanced team,'' Dorrell said. "They have a great running back Justin Forsett. They have really good experience at wide receiver, so they have some weapons to operate in their offense, whether Nate is in there or the other kid, who started this past week.
"It's a well balanced team and they have an experienced offensive line that has really helped them keep that balance so I think that Riley started last week that's a feather under their belt, so to speak.'
Aaaah, I wonder if Dorrell actually watched Cal’s game against Oregon State and any of their other games QBed by Longshore this season. Because if he did he would be able to articulate the basic point that while Riley may not have the experience of Longshore as their starter, he provides them something that Longshore doesn’t really have: mobility. And it makes a difference at goal line situations, as evidence by Riley’s rushing TD and it has more significance now that Longshore may be coming off a gimpy ankle. But what would this moron know about offense. This guy knows nothing except for a run-run-pass and he probably can’t make out anything else. So it’s not a surprise to hear that he think there won’t be much change in Cal’s game plan notwithstanding who their QB is, because he doesn’t have a clue about Tedford’s dynamic offense scheme. It is just embarrassing.

Speaking of Tedford, check out this quote from him in the LA Times (emphasis mine):
Tedford said he was ready to focus on UCLA, but admitted he struggled with the after-effects of the Oregon State defeat, same as his players.

"Any loss is very difficult to get out of my system," the coach said. "It just hangs with you, although it really helps to get on to the next opponent [but] I take those [losses] very hard."

And, yes, he's thought about it, "All hours of the day and night, middle of the night, things like that."
Now tell me how that compares with the comments from our Sleeping Beauty. Just stunning.

Anyways, fans at Cal have had difficult time putting that game behind them. If you want to read some reasonable takes on their coaching decisions from last weekend, check out this post from California Golden Blogs.

Elsewhere, Chris Foster from the LAT has more notes on the team and Cowan’s health after first day. He is being coy and Karl Dorrell as usual sound totally clueless. Such is the tragicomic (a word made up by Steve Lavin) state of UCLA football.