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Roundup: Not As Bad As We All Think!

Just when you think Dorvell couldn’t sound more absurd, they give us more gem to work with. In the latest round of Dorrell’s incompetent coaching staff throwing their players under the bus, Norvell steps in. In Dohn’s report, Norvell pretty much throws his entire offensive unit under the bus (emphasis mine throughout):

UCLA's quarterbacks have been sacked 17 times, tying for 98th (among 119 teams) in the nation. Norvell placed faults on the running backs for missing blitz pickups; on the offensive line for being beaten cleanly; and on the quarterbacks for not checking into another play or proper protection or throwing the ball in a timely manner.

In fact, Norvell said the play on which Olson was sacked and suffered a torn knee ligament against Notre Dame could have been avoided.

"It was something that we practiced a lot," Norvell said. "It was their No. 1 thing that they did, and he didn't get out of the play and he wasn't able to protect himself.

"We just have to do a better job. We're going to see pressure from people. We're going to see pressure, and you've got to be able to handle it."
So did you get that? It was all Ben Olson’s fault that he got hurt in the ND game. He should have done a better job of not getting hurt. Of course it has nothing to do with protection schemes from an offensive line, that cannot "block a soul." That’s all the players fault too. Coaches here have nothing to do with this total clusterf*ck.

But hey, Coach Karl has some comforting thoughts for all of you! From the same report:

"We can be better," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said. "When you look at us, we're in the middle of the conference, in terms of total offense. It's not as bad as you think, and yet, we can play better."
Uh yes, notice how he throws in how the team can "play" better. Nothing in there about how he can uhm "coach" better. Then again he is very busy taking care of the "little" things like "being able to consistently get MOST of his recruits cleared by the NCAA in time for the season, or "making sure your backup QB has had enough reps going into a game with a injury prone starting QB," or "no longer forgetting that his best running back is sitting on the sidelines," or "remembering to thank his opponent after an embarrassing loss."

Anyways, moving on here is an update from Coach Karl on our quarterback situation:
Quarterback Patrick Cowan practiced for the second day in a row, showing no ill effects, though Dorrell was unwilling to name him the starter for Saturday. Cowan is returning from a torn ligament in his right knee.

"Pat looked good, there were no setbacks with him," Dorrell said.

Asked if Cowan would start, Dorrell said, "We'll see."

Asked who would be next in line, Dorrell said, "We'll see."
He is so helpful. He also had this response when asked about Cal’s DeSean Jackson:
"We need to know where he is," Coach Karl Dorrell said. "Sometimes we'll need to place the ball not exactly where he is, make him work for it."
Man he is so good. I can see why all those Dorrellistas backed him up so hard during last 4+ years (and lot of those same assclowns are now pushing hard for DeWayne Walker as his replacement). Anyways, we are going to be nice to these tools who have been coming on BN for last 2+ years, hoping we all go away, and drop our expectations wrt to UCLA football program.

Our friends at California Golden Blogs have thrown a bone to all the cultists who have supported this doofus for last few years:

Only if they stepped in few years back and launched a campaign to save Steve Lavin. I am sure at the pace Lavo was going (with his 5 Steve-16s!) he was going to hang banner number 12 sometime by 2010. After all it took Coach Wooden himself 15 somewhat years to bring home number 1!

See its not as bad as we all think.