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News & Notes On Buffoonery From Spaulding Field

More buffoonery to share with you all this Friday before game day. DeWayne Walker, the defensive genius has figured out the key to stop the prolific Cal offense:

Yet, what has Walker's immediate interest is in the Bears' backfield, where Justin Forsett, the leading rusher in the Pacific 10 Conference, lurks.

"I know last year we kind of went into the game [against California] worrying about the passing game," Walker said. "Having a chance to study them, they know how to run the football. I just think you always have stop the run first."

Colorado State is the only team to hold Forsett under 100 yards this season -- he gained 59 yards in 13 carries. He has gained more than 150 yards in three games.
So what is Walker saying? He didn’t have a chance to study film on Cal before last year’s game? Is he saying he went into the Cal game last year with a strategy that was more based on his hunch than what he studied in the tapes? Again compared that to Howland’s staff which takes break from sleeping between Sweet-16 and Elite-8 matchups, watching hours of game tape on the next opponent, so they can be aware of every single details and tendencies.

And there are some toolsheds out there who actually want this guy to be our next coach?


Meanwhile, the Head Buffoon has made a decision on his QB situation. PC is staring, but he is going with the Law Firm as the backup:
Osaar Rasshan, a scholarship quarterback, is listed as the third string at the position. The redshirt sophomore moved to receiver this year but never had a catch and didn't see the field much. With injuries to Olson (knee) and Cowan, Rasshan was moved back to quarterback.

Bethel-Thompson and Rasshan shared equal reps this week.

"(Mac) has the most experience," Dorrell said. "He's played. He's been entrenched in the offense longer. We're going to keep bringing Osaar along.

"I'm encouraged by what he's done. I know that he can do something for us if need be. He's prepared to play, that's the biggest thing."

Asked if Rasshan would remain at quarterback for the remainder of the season, Dorrell was hesitant to commit to that.

"Yes, well for now," Dorrell said. "I hate when you say the rest of the season. You just never ... Yes, he is there for now, which could be the rest of the season."
So the Buffoon is going with the Law Firm because he has more "experience" than OR, which consists of 4 interceptions and 2 fumbles from the ND game. He calls that "experience"? What about the "experience" OR has from 2 years of practices under Dorrell?You know the practices at which the Buffoon is "coaching hard":
Karl Dorrell was considerably more animated in practice on Wednesday, and here's why:
``Coaching Hard,'' Dorrell said. ``Coaching hard. Trying to get ourselves to take advantage of an opportunity we have. I like how our players are responding. Coaches are coaching hard. I'm coaching hard. There's a lot to look forward to.''
Yeah, Karl there is a lot to look forward to around here these days. We are all looking forward to the day when you have to go back begging to Mike Shanahan or any other NFL sucker you can find to let you hold a clipboard, looking like lifeless, know nothing doofus on the sidelines (and there is always the option of putting on a fake head set and and pretend to be "coordinating" from some joke NFL's team's press box).