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Pressure Mounts On Dorrell To "Win Pretty Big"

The boys over at are already on this.'s Tom Tienhart aims a cannon shot towards the Sleeping Beauty posing as the UCLA football coach:

I hear Karl Dorrell will be watched closely and needs to win pretty big down the stretch. He has picked up the pace recently and looks safe. Still ...

Should a change be made in Westwood, I'm told the Bruins want to hire a big, splashy name.

Look for Boise State's Chris Petersen to figure in. UCLA would love to steal USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. And a familiar name already being batted about is Norm Chow, the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator and former USC coordinator.

I also have to think UCLA would look at Montana coach Bobby Hauck, a top-notch commodity who almost got the Stanford job last year. Hauck is an untapped gem. Maybe he'll be a guy Washington State looks at if it makes a change.
Good to know we are not the only ones not impressed with our 4-1 record  which will most likely by 5-1 after this Saturday compiled against teams with a combined record of 10-19.

Not only Dorrell needs to blow out the Irish, he will at least need make sure the Pac-10 championship is on the line heading into our last football game of the regular season, and I am not talking about the championship being on the line for Southern Cal.

After 5 years, winning "pretty big" means one thing: it is to bring home at least a Pac-10 championship, something credible coaches like Chris Peterson would most likely be able to pull of with the amount of talent Dorrell has in his disposal at UCLA.

Coming to think of it, I like the sound of Chris Peterson, head football coach of UCLA.

BTW we don't want a clown like Sarkasian at UCLA. Our next head football coach needs to be someone who actually had head coaching experience in D-1. No more coaches who are going to learn on the job. Sarkasian can take over for Kiffin when Al Davis cans his rear at the end of this season or next.

In any event to see speculation going on at the national level regarding UCLA coaching position. It is clear now that Dorrell is firmly on the hot seat and it will only exponentially increase the pressure on him to win a championship this season. And no matter how much BS spin we hear following victories over sorry teams, none of that will matter if Dorrell doesn't deliver in his fifth (which will end up as his final) season in Westwood.