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The Thinker Keeps Spinning

All on a sudden it seems like some folks have forgotten how our defense tanked against Utah. After beating up an Oregon State offense that turns the ball over at a faster rate than the French army surrenders, the Thinker is leading the charge on spinning for his much hyped defense:

"[The defense] really played lights-out. In the second half, we did a tremendous job of controlling the run game.
So yeah a "tremendous job of controlling" a run game which headed into the game was one of the worst (7th) rushing offense in the Pac-10. But hey according to apologists Dorrell is not the kind of guy who will blow things out of proportion to make his program look good.

The Thinker was in full frontal BS mode yesterday. I wrote earlier this am about his nonsensical comment on how he needs to "discipline" his "resources." Apparently he had offered up more horsesh!t:
"We still have to worry about us." he said. "I believe our team needs to continue to focus on how we can get better week in and week out, with the details and discipline, on improving what we need to improve. There's still a lot for us to work on. We're really going to be hard on the details and the discipline on how to operate and execute."
Dorrell went on:
His underlying message was that the Bruins can still be special this season if they play to their ability. "There's a lot of work for us to be done for this team. Penalties will be addressed any which way, shape and form we can. We have to really utilize our resources in practice; we're going to have to discipline those resources as well just to make sure we're getting our points across.

"It's about execution, it's about doing things that should be done in a certain way. This team has some qualities that are starting to reveal themselves right now and it's encouraging to see that. And there's a lot that can be brought from it. We've just got to continue to harp on those details and bring more and more out of it each week."
Of course he pretty much said the same kind of BS after Utah game heading into both Washington and Oregon State game, that didn't provide us any signs that Bruins had worked on reducing their number of mind boggling mistakes and penalties, that could have been disastrous if they were taking on quality opponents.

The fact that Dorrell continues to spout meaningless clichés and his unique gibberish at these weekly press conferences is not a surprise any more. We have become numb to it. We kind of expect actually and it is just an amusing at this point to see how a million dollar a year "head coach" can make a complete fool out of himself, embarrassing the university, and the program on a weekly basis. But what is maddening is to read these articles and posts from the local beat writers in their daily reports, and "blog posts" in which they quote this moron, without exposing how he sounds like a total buffoon every time he opens his mouth and talks about learning and growing, and needing to "focus" in his 5th year in the program.