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Roundup: Dorrell's Player Insults Notre Dame's Tradition

So its Notre Dame week, something we had been looking forward to for a number of years. But thanks to our clown coach’s boring program and a Notre Dame team without a pulse of its own, this weekend’s game has been reduced to another boring matchup.

Now unless you have been hiding under rocks by now Notre Dame is going through a historically difficult season. They are coming into the Rose Bowl as a 22 point underdog, and yes many of us expect Bruins to come through with a blowout win because of the edge in experience and talent (thanks to the horrendous state Willingham left the Irish program in). Notre Dame is having a trying season, yet that doesn’t give license to a UCLA football player to make moronic comment like this (emphasis added):

"I'm not a big Notre Dame fan, so I don't know what they have done prior in their history, all I know is I don't like the green," Brown said at a Monday news conference. "I don't even like money this week, that color. Before I came in here, I threw my wallet in the trash. I don't like those guys and they don't like us, that's what it is. It comes down to who's going make more plays Saturday."
Now imagine how you would have felt if you were a UCLA basketball fan four years ago, and you switched UCLA in place of Notre Dame in that first sentence.

It is a dumb, obnoxious, and a disrespectful comment on the part of Brown, that reeks the perception of an ignorant college football athlete. Frankly its kind of shameful. But I guess its not a surprise considering Brown is being led by a clown like Dorrell.

Speaking of the clown here is some of your weekly dose of cliché from our sleeping beauty (from the LAT article linked above):
The Bruins get a rematch with the Fighting Irish at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, a chance to dull the pain of last season's 20-17 loss in South Bend. UCLA dominated that game, then lost when Notre Dame went 80 yards in three plays, scoring with 27 seconds left.

A year has done little to make the memory fade to black for the Bruins.

Said Coach Karl Dorrell said: "Last year's game and how it ended up will be on our mind for years and years to come. I'm sure 20 years from now they'll remember that game."

Still, Dorrell said, "We can't let that get in the way of how we need to progress as a football team."

More from the Thinker on how he is planning deal w/ our penalty problems:
UCLA has been hurt by some penalties the past few weeks, leading to some remedial work this week in practice. ''There is a lot of work for us to be done for this team. Penalties will be addressed any which way, shape and form we can,'' Dorrell said. ''We have to really utilize our resources in practice. We're going to have to discipline those resources as well, just to make sure we're getting out points across. But we're just really going to work on doing things right fundamentally and paying attention to the details.''
WTF does he mean by discipling resources? Are you kidding me? Again as Fox says I wish someone actually verified this clown graduated from UCLA. Simply appalling that someone who sounds like a such a stumbling, bumbling moron is getting paid almost million bucks a year to destroy UCLA's football program.

Anyways, going back to Brown he talked a lot yesterday, including the usual boilerplate nonsense we hear from Dorrell’s players every week:
"I honestly think we're over (Utah), and if you don't learn from it the first time we're going to have problems this season," UCLA senior cornerback Trey Brown said. "I think for our team, it's over and done with. You address it by the way you play and the way you practice, and the mind-set that you bring into the meeting rooms and onto the practice field. You can't take a lackadaisical effort going out there to work in practice."
And more typical arrogance coming out from a program that hasn’t sniffed any kind of championship under the current head coach (from DN article linked above):
The Irish have scored 46 points this season and rank last in the nation in rushing offense (30.4ypg) and sacks allowed (5.8pergame). Among the 119 Division I-A teams, Notre Dame is 118th in total offense (194.8 ypg) and scoring (9.2 ppg), and 106th in passing offense (164.4 ypg).

"We can't sit there and let their record fool you," Brown said. "I don't care if they're 0-5, or you're 30-0. It doesn't matter. We've got to treat this team just like any other team and go out there and play dominant football."
Again we hear that kind of BS coming out from these guys every year. And yet the reporters write them up without any kind of skepticism.

We will have more on ND later this week. Obviously it’s a game we expect Bruins to dominate. But given the track record of our joke of a program we are not sure if that is going to happen. However, given these quotes from game week, it will be that much easier to hold these guys accountable if they fail to demolish a proud Irish football program this Saturday at the Rose Bowl.