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Just Like A Lavin "Win" At Maples

For any sucker who actually is foolish enough to think today's victory (yeah like we didn't call this or anything) actually means something, just try and see if you can bring back those feelings and emotion you experienced after those meaningless Lavin ("upset") victories at Maples Pavillion.

One again, in the big picture scheme of things, today's win means nothing.

Oh Cal will always be Cal even if those clowns are coached by a young Bobby Bowden:

Photo Credit:AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian (ESPN)

See you later losers.

Good luck fighting and scraping for another Holiday Bowl, because that's all you will probably ever get out of your sorry football program (before you lose your football coach to a real high profile big time program he truly deserves to coach at).

Here is the boxscore if you care.

We will have more reactions for you tomorrow.

For now this your post game thread.