Walker preparing for interim position?

Before i get to my story on Dwayne walker, I want to congratulate our Bruins for beating a very good Cal team today.  But lets move on, shall we...

As i have previously stated, Osaar's family is friends with my family, so i hear what is going on in his world from them in addition to being a current student with him. Osaar is respectful and wouldn't say anything to hurt the staff, but there are things that can be surmised from conversations he has with his family.  One such conversation is very important given a recent report by Dienhart that Dwayne Walker was called into DG's office to discuss the possibility of taking over on an interim basis for Dorrell.  Immediately, the Morgan Center refuted the report, but it seems there may be something to the story.

Osaar received a surprise phone call in recent days from Dwayne Walker.  No... it wasn't to test his interest in playing the D side of the ball.  It was to tell him to be patient.  DW called Osaar to offer him encouragement and make sure he wasn't leaving the program.

Why would the defensive coordinator do such a thing?  Well... If you listened in on Coach Tedford's recruiting calls to Osaar before he committed to UCLA you might understand a little better.  Tedford seemed to think Osaar could be the next Vince Young, and wanted him very badly at Cal.  I wonder if DW thinks he might be able to use him when he takes over the head coaching responsibilities?  

Osaar's family hadn't heard the report when one member commented on the phone call, but upon being informed of DW's meeting he connected the dots quickly.  The only reason DW would make a call to a player he has little relationship with and would never coach in his current position is if that position were about to change.

So it would appear Dorrell is much closer to being shown the door than the Morgan Center would have us believe.  Let's hope so!!

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