We stole Cal's song...and play it better

One of my favorite parts of the day after a Bruin football at the Rose Bowl. Catching up with these notes from Barnes2JJ. GO BRUINS. -N

Your section 17 correspondent checking in...

A few X's and O's from me, but mostly just observations from the game.

  1.  Another picture perfect day at the RB.  Just hot, clear and beautiful.  The traffic getting into and out of the RB was not much fun, though.
  2. There were some decent, well-behaved Cal fans in my section.  But good Lord, as a whole, they are a close second only to SuC fans in obnoxiousness.  You people whine about "classless" UCLA fans, then spend all your waking hours creating "fucla" shirts and talking about Sam Gilbert.
  3. And I really don't care if Cal's mascot can "beat up" our mascot.  Oski, or whatever that thing's name is, is just plain ugly.  Too bad he couldn't suit up Saturday.  You could have used the help.
  4.  I heard your chants about our losses to Utah and Notre Dame, and yes, those chants did sting.  On the other hand, you just lost to a Dorrell-coached squad that got creamed by Utah and ND.  What does that say about you?
  5. Oh, and by the way, yes, we did steal your fight song.  And it sounds better the way we play it.
  6. One other thing:  yes, we got it, your SATs, on average, are a little bit better.  I know that is a big deal to you guys.  But our girls are prettier.  And our campus is nicer, too (heck, the scenes of "Cal" in the movie, "The Graduate" were actually filmed at Southern Cal!).  And, by the way, if my school's sports history was positively mediocre, I would focus on SAT scores, too.
  7. Back to the game.  Fourth and one.  You know what I'm talking about.  This was the first time the boo's really rained down this year, IMO.  And I was booing, too (the cowardly decision, not the players).  
And this will always be part of Dorrell's legacy:  No guts, no glory.  Yes, we won, I know that.  But the true champion takes chances now and then.  The true champion says, "It's fourth and one, and we are going to show you who's boss right now."  Dorrell will never be that guy.  Forgive the comparison, but the very, very good SuC teams always went for it on 4th and 1.  And they would throw the ball 10 yards.  And make it.

Pardon my French, but with this coach, we don't have the huevos.  He will always be afraid to grab for the brass ring--which means that he never will get it.

  1.  To the students:  The blue "Den" shirts look incredible.  When I was a student, and as I sat in the student section, I always thought different areas of the stadium were louder than the "apathetic" students.  Not true.  Not true at all.  The student section is the loudest and most animated.  Keep it up.
  2. As a whole, our playcalling was better.  We still had some of those precious runs up the gut on 1st down which I am so fond of.  Frankly, if I was a responsible journalist, I would ask Dorrell why he and Norvell think it's ok to waste one play during a series of downs on a run up the gut.  It's a fair question.
  3. Cowan is no superstar.  But I like him.  He doesn't make a lot of mistakes and I do like the fact that he scrambles, and seems to enjoy running for first downs.  Saying this takes nothing whatsoever away from Olson.  I think Olson cannot perform to his talents given the problems with our O-line.  That is not his fault.  Just my two cents.
  4. Back to obnoxiousness.  Can someone please explain why SuC fans feel compelled to come to UCLA games at the RB?  And why they feel compelled to wear the ketchup shirts when they know they are in enemy territory?  I see it all the time at RB games.  Is the correct word "arrogance"?  Or is it another "a" word?
  5. To the UCLA fans who come out of the woodwork with every win, and who disappear completely with every loss:   Why don't you show your face when we lose and defend Dorrell and the team?  At least the regulars on BN show up, win or lose, rain or shine.  Why do you hide?
  6. I was thrilled we won, mainly due to the fact that the arrogant Cal fans needed to be brought down a little.  I hope they brought their SAT scores to review for the long ride home.  But my philosophy for the season remains this:  I will root loud and hard for the good guys, but if we lose, it just means we are that much closer (I pray) for the end of the Dorrellian Era.  We will never, ever reach glory with this guy.  Never.
  7. The key word everyone is struggling for is "consistency."  Dorrell's teams are not consistent.  Just like Lavin.
P.S. My best friend went to Cal and then transferred to UCLA because he hated the self-righteous idiots at Cal.

So there.

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