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The Gutless Coward

Dohn has the explanation from the Doofus on his "4th and 1" decision:

Here is what UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said about the fourth-and-1 decision to try and draw Cal offsides, before punting. The call came after a timeout, with UCLA on Cal's 38-yard line.
"I didn't want to make a mistake,'' Dorrell said. "It was long than just fourth-and-1. it was about fourth-and-one-and-a-half. I just didn't want to put ourselves in a bad situation there. You can get a chance to put them in their end of the field and make them drive to score some points. We were donw by one at the time. We didn't nail the punt like we wanted to, but our defense came through and protected ourselves."
The doofus can say whatever he wants. But he cannot hide the fact that his decision was one of the most cowardly, gutless, and moronic decisions I have seen during my 20 years of following UCLA football. The only other call that was so gutless was the same coward's decision to punt the ball on 4th and 1 against Southern Cal in 2005. It killed all the momentum Bruins had and as folks have mentioned here it already it turned cheers into deafening boos, that was audible that we could hear in a crowded all the way across the country.

And the most amusing part of this was to see Dorrell chewing out our punter after he kicked into the endzone. ROFL. Perez was getting chewed out by the gutless coward, even after it was the doofus who made the moronic decision. I have never seen a coach who has such zero feel for the game. A coward who is afraid to make any move to win the game. Sooner or later it will come back to bite our program in the rear end, which will once again cause all the shameless cultists to crawl back in their little holes.