Don't Feel Guilty

The post-game thread was pretty heated so I thought I'd stay out of that mess and bring my thoughts here.

  1.  This is a good win - be happy about it and don't feel guilty.  It is never NOT good for UCLA to beat a top 15 team and even if it took a little luck to get the victory, it's STILL a good win.  We should be happy with the way the defense played, particularly against the run.  We should be happy with the guts and leadership displayed by Pat Cowan.  We should be happy with the hard-running of Khalil Bell and the great run-blocking (and better discipline) of the O-Line.  We should be happy with Verner's pick-and-score to seal the win - if you weren't jumping out of your chair for that one, you're not a real fan.  
  2.  This is not a meaningful win.  If anything, this win just further demonstrates the need for a new coach ASAP.  Think about it - we should be 7-0 right now.  7-0!  We should be top 5 in the BCS, if not top 2.  But we're just 5-2 . . . which MIGHT be OK . . . so long as your losses aren't to Utah and Notre Dame.  If we've got enough talent to upset Cal (yes, it's an upset - Cal's got a great team) then we have no business getting blown OUT by Utah and beat up by Notre Dame.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  
  3.  Some of my favorite parts of the game today were when UCLA would get inside the redzone and one of the ABC guys would say, "Karl Dorrell needs to attack the endzone right now."  And I would just laugh as the ball was handed off to a RB on a zone play up the middle.  It was great, though, to see said ABC guys get all over KD over the 4th-and-1 call.  I'm hoping that the national guys are starting to realize how in-over-his-head our head coach is.  
Bottom line:  It's OK to enjoy the win.  It was a good win so don't feel guilty about it.  Even a win can demonstrate the need for a new head coach.  I just hope that DG is wise enough to see it that way too.

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