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Game Changers

Another Cal game related post before we shift our focus to WSU tomorrow. If the Doofus is smart he should be sending some extra goodies to stuff the stockings of ATV, Breazell and Johnson this upcoming Holiday season (I imagine he took special care of Eric McPick last season):

NCAA Football Highlights on

Too bad the highlights didn't capture the whole ATV sprint to the House and there is no sound (at least not in the version that was able to upload). But still pretty fun to watch both of those game changing plays.

ATV was named Pac-10 player of the week along with Kai Forbath (the most fearsome weapon of the Dorvell offense). While the pick 6 was considered as one of the national game changing plays of the week.

Meanwhile, Breazell and Johnson have been one of the few players from the skill positions who have been excelling this season despite being handicapped by Dorvell's joke of an offense.

All these guys have been doing what they can to win games for UCLA, despite the (moronic) coaching (or lack of it) from Karl Dorrell.

Our hats off these Bruin game changers  for doing their part to keep this season interesting on the field.