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Typhoid Terry Is Whining About Blogs

Typhoid Terry is whining about the interwebs:

Donahue, who recruited Dorrell to play wide receiver for the Bruins out of Helix High in San Diego, said getting blasted by critics is part of the college football coaching business -- only it's harsher now than during his days.

"With the Internet, blogs, chat rooms, talk radio, all that stuff, as a coach you are just going to get it if you're not near perfect," Donahue said. "When I was coaching, the world wasn't as complicated. Now, anybody could put up a website and there you go. Coaches are certainly susceptible to being hammered." […]

Donahue left Dorrell a message on his cellphone Saturday after UCLA defeated California at the Rose Bowl, 30-21.

That was a good one for the Bruins, but there have been a couple of clinkers too. As for UCLA's loss to Notre Dame, Donahue said that's easy to explain.

"When you're down to your third quarterback, not many teams are going to look good," he said.

By the way, Dorrell is 3-2 against Cal. Donahue was 15-5 against Cal and won 14 straight from 1976 to 1989.
Well there is not much use writing a huge post rebutting Donahue’s asinine arguments. He does the job for us by making himself look like a disingenuous and insincere moron by using the QB excuse for the disgraceful loss against Notre Dame. Of course Donahue will never talk about facts and put this season and the expectations around it in context, given what has take place in last 4 + seasons.

As a UCLA football fan who also happens to be a huge Niner fan I always thought of Donahue as a big joke. Donahue played a huge part in the total destruction of my Niners.

But I always thought he was a mediocre football coach at best in Westwood who never got the best out of blue chip talents the UCLA football program stockpiled during the 80s. He was able to stick around Westwood for so long back in the 80s and 90s, because back then we Bruin fans did not have avenues to express the latent frustrations we were experiencing from constant chokes and let downs of the Donahue coached football teams.

Sure we had multiple Rose Bowl wins in the early 80s. However, under his watch the football program slummed away in the gutter of mediocrity following the departure of Aikman, and never came out of it until Number 18 and Toledo showed us the true potential of UCLA football in the late 90s.

Sure Donahue took the Bruins to the Rose Bowl in 94, and ended with a 5 game winning streaking against SCumbags from cross town, people still seem to forget he was responsible for the incredible letdown of hugely favored Bruin football team experience against the Badgers at our home turn back in 94. Not only that, Donahue was an insecure head coach who was never confident in his abilities. So much so he did not have the balls to promote Neuhisel from wide-receivers coach to OC, when Homer Smith left the OC position for the second time in 1994, right after the Rose Bowl. Instead of promoting Neuhisel, Donahue decided to hire Bob Toledo, a loser OC from R.C. Slocum's Texas A&M program, who was never going to be a threat to TD, unlike Neuhisel.

Anyways, I said I was not going to write a long post about this. I don’t need to rehash Dorrell’s record to show how Donahue sounds like a total clown.

It’s not surprising to me that he can make such ignorant comments making Dorrell look like some kind of "victim" (who is getting paid almost a million dollars year as one of the worst coaches in college football). He has no idea about accountability. He never had to face the expectations of alums and students during the pre internet era in Westwood, as a result of which he never was held accountable for all those underachieving years in Westwood. His ways didn’t work in San Francisco, after he effectively drove one of the gold franchises in the NFL off the cliff. Niner fans despised Donhue so much that he was chased out of the Bay Area with the title of "Typhoid Terry."

And now here he is desperately trying to save his legacy by speaking up on behalf f his protégée, who has turned out to be a bumbling, stumbling less than mediocre clown, whose pathetic record makes an average coach like him (a poor man’s version of Lloyd Carr) look good.

Thank God for the internets. It’s obvious our voices are being heard and these clowns are now whining about the prospect of being held accountable. It's the idea of accountability that is making the world of losers like Donahue "complicated."