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How Do You Spell Relief?

Let's end the week on a positive note. Luckily for us we are just two weeks away from the start of Ben Ball season. Heck I know most of you here who are living in LA are already beyond stoked about Azusa Pacific. So it makes perfect sense to end this Friday, the last Friday before 2007 Ben Ball season, with some highlights from our last Big Dance.

Here are our warriors taking care of Howland's former program:

Roll with a clutch jumper. Also more highlights here from that game with more of Shipp. Loved that tenacious follow-up after he missed the 3 pointer, and then the chemistry with DC.

And then there was the victory against Kansas:

Shipp again with that huge trey. DC with the clutch bomb.  And there were the explosions from Luc and Westbrook. Oh and there was some kid we simply know as AA. Man I am going to miss that kid.

Now, those are meaningful wins with priceless moments (unlike the flukes we experience on football Saturdays) you want to relive over and over and over again.

Just 7 more days till lot of you lucky ba$tards get to watch the beginning of a brand new season of magic at Pauley.

We can't wait for our warriors to give us a little respite from the agony of Dorrellian football.