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Coaching To Win

I want to post a stand alone note on last night’s game between BC (#2) and Va Tech (#8).

Did any of you watch it?

If you didn’t here are the highlights:

First of all a huge congrats to BC. I imagine they were partying at Scary Anns, the City Bar in Chestnut Hill, and all the watering holes at Coolidge Corner, Allston, Brighton, Kenmore Square, Boyle St and rest of the Hub deep into the night (I hear that town digs their baseball team too). May be some day I will write a post on how sad it is that a school like BC has no problem scouting and hiring good head coaches and contending for major bowl games (and the national title this season) in a pro sports crazy town that doesn't have a great recruiting base, while UCLA … oh well (perhaps a separate post for another day).

Anyways, this leads me to the main reason I posted those highlights.

Question for any Dorrellistas that are still out there, could the Sleeping Beauty have made the same calls if he was coaching in that kind of game with a national championship (rest of you don’t try to lol too hard) on the line?

If you can come up with a cogent response based on analysis backed up by actual in game examples, stats etc, I am all ears.

Might as well speak up now instead of coming on here to gloat about the Thinker after we beat up some sh!tty Pac-10 team up (since apparently the players are keeping Utah in mind) in Pullman.