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Hey, What Happened To My Comfortable Win?!

I am just shocked and stunned beyond belief.

I was told after Cal game to just "enjoy" the win. I was told that victory actually meant something.

I was told Pat Cowan was close to 100%.

I was told we had an "excellent practice."

I was told that our defense led by a genius (!) was going to give us their "best game."

I was told that "effort" was not going to be "an issue."

And I was told by my head coach that toughest part of today's game was just "getting there."

Well the certainly got there. I mean this picture and my television cannot lie. The Bruins did certainly got there:

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Dean Hare (ESPN)

But what happened there? (Box Score)

So someone can you please explain to me what happened to my comfortable UCLA win?

I am looking for it.

Oh wait? Did we lose? Really?

No worries. We are still 4-1 in the Pac-10 and in "great shape for what we want to accomplish, which is win the Pac-10 title"!

I mean that's why we have those wristbands!