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A Roller Coaster Death March

By now the fact that Dorrell is a Doofus is an observable truth:

Photo Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

I shouldn't have to spell it out for anyone here at this point how and why that clown doesn't belong on any college team's sideline as a head coach. And at this point if it is not clear to someone that at this point the season should be nothing short of a prolonged death march for the Doofus, then that person needs to follow another sport, which he or she can understand. So let me start my Sunday post with a look at another coach, who if we are not vigilant enough could turn out to be the next Doofus masquerading as the head UCLA football coach at the Rose Bowl sidelines.

Let's talk about DeWayne Walker, an over hyped defensive coordinator, who also should be summarily dismissed along with the Doofus at the end of this death march.

Walker needs to be exposed for what he is: an average assistant coach at best, who in the eyes of some desperate UCLA fans, who are willing to settle for anything to get rid of Dorrell, is a credible candidate for UCLA's next football coach.

Last night's game should end those stupid wishes.

Let's look at the horrific defensive numbers:

The Bruins' offensive inefficiency was a big reason the defense spent 38 minutes on the field, but the defense was also unable to solve the Cougars' mix of run and pass in the spread offense.

The Cougars entered the game 100th in the nation in rushing, averaging 108.6 yards per game. Tardy, a sophomore, had 462rushing yards on the season before pounding UCLA. He capped off his career night with a 51-yard TD run on his 37th carry, and it came with 42 seconds remaining.

"I was loving every minute of it," Tardy said. "I thought, `Yeah, keeping feeding me.' I'm satisfied with my performance."

When Tardy wasn't ripping through UCLA's defense, quarterback Alex Brink was carving it up. He completed 28 of 46 passes for 271 yards, and his distribution was varied. Four receivers had had least five catches, led by tight end Jed Collis' six catches for 71yards.
During this off-season when a number of folks were rushing to crown Walker as a genius, I kept saying we should hold off from reaching any conclusions on this guy, until we see how he can handle spread offenses and whether he learned any lessons from the beating he took repeatedly last season.

I think we got an emphatic answer last night. And yeah pardon me for not taking too much from our defensive "showing" against a Cal team, which was playing with a one legged QB, and still was in position to win the game until we had a game saving individual brilliant play from ATV.

What is even more disturbing about last night's ass kicking our defense received is that apparently they were not prepared for the onslaught by one of the worst offensive teams in the Pac-10. From the DN (emphasis mine):
"They wanted to spread us out and get three receivers out there and run the ball at us," UCLA defensive end Bruce Davis said. "We were out there expecting them to throw the ball, and they fooled us."

The Cougars' running game, which was averaging 108.6 yards per game, sliced through UCLA's defense for 274 yards on 51attempts. Wazzu tailback Dwight Tardy was averaging 66yards per game, and finished with a career-high 214 on a career-best 37 attempts.

Even backup Kevin McCall got into the running frenzy, carrying 11 times for 51 yards. He had 22carries for 105 yards in the first seven games.

Bruins senior Michael Norris, who played the nickelback spot, was asked if Wazzu's offensive approach came as a surprise.

"Definitely. It definitely did," Norris said. "I was pretty much thinking more passes, given their history."
That's funny. Because in the same article Walker doesn't sound like he was in the same page as his players:
UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker said he expected the Cougars to try and run the ball, so much so he said certain periods of practice during the week were designed with that in mind.
And that is all from a UCLA defensive unit that pledged to give us their "best game" on Saturday.  So if anyone out there still thinks Walker is a credible candidate for our next head coach, please stop embarrassing yourself.

He may be an average defensive coordinator. And I can our defensive guys putting up great emotional efforts during some point rest of this season, pulling off "upsets" at home against Oregon or against an over-rated Southern Cal (OMG the best team ever!), but that will not hide the fact that Walker is no where close to head coaching material.

If he somehow ends up as the next HC, not only will our confrontational posture on BN will not change, we are going to maintain all out pressure on not just the football program, but will come after Guerrero for making such a stupid decision (if he is actually dumb enough to hire this average coordinator as our next HC).

On to some other thoughts from yesterday's game.

As I mentioned in the post game thread, last night's game should also quiet all those Olson critics, who were unfairly coming down on a kid for not executing in a joke offensive scheme. Let's make something clear now. The complete lack of production from this joke offensive scheme is neither Olson nor Cowan's fault. These kids have been doing all they can, despite being handicapped by two dolts posing as their HC and OC, a predictable play calling scheme, and a dysfunctional offensive line. So Bell went down early in the game. But can someone actually make the argument that UCLA didn't have enough depth at RB w/ Markey, Moline or Ramirez to dominate the second worst rushing defense in the Pac-10? We of course know the answer.

Now going into yesterday's game I was confident (despite the requisite sarcasm needed to deal with this joke football program) that we were going to win. I thought given everybody was predicting them to lose, Dorrell would actually pull out the win, leading all his minions and the idiotic beat reporters into a collective orgasm of how the Thinker is proving all his critics wrong. I thought the players would be fired up to shut down all us haters. I thought we were going to win last night only to have the team stumble somewhere in next 2 or 3 games. My reverse psychology didn't work. So what now? I still think this team is going to pull out at least one more if not two victories from the last three games, which will enable Dorrell and his shameless cultist supporters, and the idiots covering the UCLA beat to argue that perhaps Dorrell should get another season to prove himself.

Bill Dwyre wrote this in the LAT this am:
Saturday's Washington State loss, the Plop in the Palouse, leaves Dorrell's six-year mark at UCLA at 34-24. He's gotten the Bruins to four different bowl games, and lost three. The best bowl they have played in is . . . well, there isn't one.

That kind of showing may be OK at Indiana or Vanderbilt, or, well, Washington State. But log on to and see just how OK it is in Westwood.

A fine time was had by all here Saturday, if you were a Cougar.
Actually the rest of the conference have been having a "fine time" at the expense of UCLA football during last 4+ years. That is why the only place Dorrell will find any modicum of support besides from his immediate family, Donahue, clueless beat writers, and his cultists followers, are from the fan base of other Pac-10 programs.

You and I, and all the sane readers of this blog and know that dog will not hunt. Dorrell needs to be gone by December 3rd. At this point even "upsets" against Oregon or Southern Cal should not be enough to save this Doofus.

This season has been a disaster. The Doofus has already blown it. Any victory from here on out will be just like the victories we had after the Utah game: totally meaningless. The actual games don't matter from hereon out any more.

This season at this point is should be nothing but a prolonged death march for Doofus and his entire incompetent staff, just like Lavin's last season in Westwood.