Dump Dorrell Billboard: Taking Donations Now

Update: The widget is not updating donations made properly for some reason. As of 10:40 am PDT Monday morning total donations made = $1,442.36 by 31 contributors. Great start!! We hopefully will get the widget fixed when we hear from the s/w company tomorrow.

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Now it's time to act. We all know we won't win the Pac-10 even though we still can so now is the time to let Dan Guerrero and all the VIP boosters know that we demand change. VIP boosters that have Dan Guerrero's ear and Dan Guerrero himself need to KNOW that we want change! You all wanted us to get the billboard idea going so we are doing it now for you. A Dump Dorrell billboard makes our views loud and clear to the decision makers. We are now taking donations for the billboard idea that we have discussed here and that has been discussed and voted on at If we don't raise enough funds then we will give all the money back to the donors.  Details follow.

This donation tracker has just been added and since we found it after we received the first 12 donations of $623.36 those donations do not show on the counter. If you have a website or blog you can add this counter to it!! Just click on "copy" and you will be given the code. Otherwise spread the word across the UCLA boards.

Click on the Chip In button and you will be taken to PayPal's site. Add a dollar amount and you can figure out the rest. If you want change YOU have to make it happen.

Here are the details:

  2. Billboards in West LA near UCLA, where we obviously want to place our message, cost around $11,000 for everything, including an attorney for consultation.  This obviously varies with placement rates.
  4. Billboard ad placements are rented on a per month basis, so we will rent a billboard on the West side for 1 month.
  6. Your donation will go to us via very safe Paypal and be kept in our PayPal account until we buy the ad space.
  8. Your donation is not tax deductible. We are not CPAs or attorneys so don't take our word for it.
  10. If we do not meet the goal in a reasonable amount of time, say for now 2 weeks, we will give all your donations back to you (it's easy, we just click a button).
  12. If there is any money left over after we stop accepting donations and pay for the billboard then we will give the remainder to a UCLA charity (to be determined later).
  14. The actual copy on the billboard is not set yet, so you will be donating knowing this, but here are the 3 main ideas we are going with (we will probably end up with something very similar to one of these):
    • Save Bruin Football
    • Bruin Football
      Demand Excellence Demand Change
    • End Bruin Football's
      Commitment To Mediocrity

  15. We will keep a running tally somehow when we find the right script/code for it.  So keep checking back.
  17. The example we are using for this billboard is the LSU billboard example. LSU fans raised $11,000 in 2 weeks for a billboard (near SuC, so it was very much cheaper, and it was over a year ago) and a truck ad they sent to ESPN.

You can also Get The Word Out by emailing Dan Guerroro, UCLA administrators, and the media.

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