Just SAY NO to DeWayne Walker NOW

It's LOL funny that 16 percent of readers of even a place like BN think Walker would be a credible candidate for our next head coach. Someone already said it in another comment thread, the guy has less experience as an "assistant coach" than the Sleeper did coming into UCLA.

Yet one after another moron on BRO and other place are posting asinine posts on how Walker would be a credible option as a head coach. Lot of these gasbags are the same tools who have been propping up Dorrell all these years.

I saw someone attempting the argument that it wasn't the D's fault because hey the score was only 7-10 at half time. That stupid take completely ignores the fact that WSU went for it on 4th down, twice, deep in UCLA's territory because their total lack of confidence in their kicking game. Plus they missed a FG. So the score if they had a decent kicker or UCLA level talent at skill positions would have been at least 19-7, if not lot worse during the half time. More on the total defensive debacle in the Register:

The Cougars churned out 545 yards of total offense. Washington State made good use of its running game with the Bruins committed to playing a lot of nickel coverage once it became obvious on the first series they would need help in the secondary (the Cougars completed 4 of 6 in the opening series, eventually scoring).

"I was not surprised. ... I had a pretty good feeling that they would try to run the ball," UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker said. "You're playing cat and mouse, you put more bodies up to stop the run you leave those (defensive backs) out there. And if you do it the other way, you become susceptible with your gap integrity."

The Bruins had not been as vulnerable all season. Dwight Tardy had a career-high 214 rushing yards, averaging 5.8 per play, and the Cougars had 288 rushing yards in the game.

They didn't have much success defending the pass, either. Quarterback Alex Brink completed 38 of 46 passes for 271 yards. And, illustrating the difficulties that they were having in coverage against outside receivers Michael Bumpus, BrandonGibson and Charles Dillion, the Bruins were called for five pass-interference penalties.

At this point I don't care if Dorrell is fired today or on December 3rd.

What I do care about is to make sure we don't have this  clown or any other clown associated with the joker's football program be our next HC. If that costs us some recruits so be it. I am willing to take the short term hit to make sure we don't have any further long term damage to our cursed program.

I have no idea if Walker will ever be a good head coach. But I do know I don't want another head coach in training to fuck my alma mater's football program for another 4 to 5 long and nightmarish years.



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