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[UPDATED] UCLA (DG) Set Up W/ Opportunity To Kick Southern Cal

From the Coaches Hot Seat Blog:

Karl Dorrell - Mr. Yo-Yo if there ever was one.  Watching a tape of the UCLA/WSU game at this very moment, it is easy to see how this team lost to Notre Dame, but they beat Cal?  What?  If this kind of performance is acceptable to UCLA AD Dan Guerrero, then Dan Guerrero is no longer Dan Guerrero.  If you don't understand, then you probably didn't know that Guerrero played baseball at UCLA and his moniker during his playing days was "Warrior."  If the "Warrior" is still the "Warrior" then no doubt he is sitting in LA somewhere surfing Coaches Hot Seat to find a quality football coach to lead the Bruins. Chris Peterson.
If you are wondering, the Hot Seat rankings will be updates sometime tonight.

I am expecting the Sleeper to get back into top-5 or at the very least top-10.

Also of note from the same blog:
The King is Dead!  Yes, Pete Carroll it is true...
Another great Saturday of college football and pronouncements everywhere on the death of Southern Cal.  They are all surely right.  Pete Carroll has a QB that couldn't start at most I-AA schools, and where has all the other talent on this team gone?  Oregon is a good football team, but Southern Cal is just Southern Cal no more.  For some reason I cannot get that 4th down run by Vince Young in the Rose Bowl out of my head.  Since that loss to Texas in the National Championship game, USC is 17-4, which sounds pretty damn good for most teams, but is a disaster for the amount of talent Carroll has stockpiled in South Central.  It all goes back to the play of the QB at USC, and to be frank, it has been mediocre, and sometimes just downright bad.  USC needs a leader, and looking down the roster we don't see any on the horizon, and that fact probably scares Carroll to death with 2 losses already on the board.  One thing that we cannot help but notice during Carroll's news conferences and public appearances is that he doesn't seem to be having very much fun, and that leads us to believe that there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye.  What it is we haven't a clue, but something is not right in Trojanland.
The evil empire is crumbling and its only the beginning.

I can't emphasize enough how well set up we are now to dominate those clowns from Thug Central. Pom Pom is getting exposed for the total clown that he is without Norm Chow. And its not getting better any soon. An NFL owner would be incredibly stupid to hire this loser after the way destroyed the Pats and laid an egg w the Jets. And SuC will not be able to fire him because of the "success" he piled up around(an alleged) culture of corruption.

All DG needs to do is clean house (which means NO WALKER as HC), bring in a credible coach, and then get ready to dominate Southern Cal. The way its shaping up for those losers from crosstown, we will probably beat them despite of Dorrell, and then fire our clown the day after. But they will be left with a stupid Pom Pom (and may be NCAA penalties) in their hands for years to come.

But all of it depends on DG to make the right move. Don't blow it Mr. Guerrero.


UPDATE - N: Dorrell jumps to number 2 in the hot seat rankings:
2. Karl Dorrell – UCLA has lost to Utah, Notre Dame, and now Washington State, who have a combined record 10-15, but they have beat BYU, Oregon State, and Cal. What? It is now clear that there is more than a talent problem in Westwood, and if mediocrity, showing up one week but not the next is okay with the people in charge of UCLA athletics, then good for them. If playing winning football does actually matter to those people though, then they need to be at this moment looking for a football coach. At the very moment when UCLA has an opportunity to wrestle away superiority from what is a wobbly USC team, they are stumbling around like Otis in Andy Griffith looking for the jail and good night's sleep. Pete Carroll looks shaken and unsure of himself, but UCLA finds itself in absolute chaos with games still left against Oregon, Arizona State, and Southern Cal. A key game looms this Saturday against Arizona in Tucson. If Dorrell and the Bruins cannot handle a 3-6 Arizona team then there will be a new coach at UCLA come December.
Agree with all of it except for Zona being some kind of make or break for KD. It is over for the Doofus. He needs to be gone by December 3rd. GO BRUINS. -N