"Lack of Focus"

Like Bluestreet, I agree that BN is more than just about Dorrell or UCLA football.  Lots of topics are discussed on BN, including the media's coverage of UCLA sports.  And if you don't care about someone's critique of the media, it's perfectly acceptable to skip over these diaries and posts.  

Personally, I think Dohn is a lapdog and a tool.  But I still get some benefit from his blog.  For example, here's a beauty from Dohn's blog when apparently some offensive players admitted that they suffered from a "lack of focus" during the Wazzou game.  This is from Dorrell himself, responding to these remarks:

"I think in their minds, when they say focused, that means we didn't get it executed,'' Dorrell said. "Well, how come we didn't get this? Well, so-and-so didn't do this, and they should have done that. I think it was bits and parts of that. It could be a dropped ball. Is that a lack of focus? I guess so, when you didn't accomplish it. But it wasn't like their effort and everything wasn't trying to do those things.

"So it amounts to their frustration, and that's something that's hard to stomach, but that's where we're at, at this point. You have to keep working, and urge and challenge yourself to be perfect in practice."

Can someone please decipher this for me?  Aside from the normal butchering of the English language, isn't Dorrell simply spinning wildly here?  

Isn't it the job of the coaches and, in particular, the head coach, to make sure that the players are focused?  And what's this nonsense again about "execution" and "practice?"  Dorrell's mantra seems to be that, if we practice well, we will play well during the games.  But that "truism" has not held up at all this year.  And, frankly, talking about practice is a diversion from the real issue.  

Certain players, according to Dohn, admitted that they lacked focus.  They did not say that they needed to execute better--that is Dorrell's spin on what the players said.

It is the job of the coaches to motivate and to focus the players.  If the players were not focused, then someone is not doing his job.

It's really that simple, folks.

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