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You Understand

IMHO the best news following Saturday’s game was this:

Many will say they expected UCLA to flop in Pullman. If so, then many were right. Many are expected to call for Coach Karl Dorrell's ouster. Athletic Director Dan Guerrero refused to enter into any such discussion, saying, "You understand."
I think that is the perfect response from Guerrero at this point of time. I know many here want DG to fire Dorrell today. However, as I have said before I am not sure I am really all that antsy about DG firing Dorrell this week and then anoint an average assistant like Walker as the interim coach. And I am not sure Walker would be the kind of guy (since he sounds like a deluded individual with an over inflated ego in his public remarks when he talks up his over hyped defense) who would just accept an interim job with the explicit understanding that he will not have a shot at the permanent position at the end of the position. As much as I dig the idea of Coach K as the interim coach for rest of the season, not sure if that is realistic either. Although I do believe he might be the interim coach if we make some sh!tty bowl game this season.

So realistically the best thing for us is for DG to avoid the issue, refrain from providing any providing any kind of definitive answers, and let the Doofus twist in the wind.

Speaking of the Doofus, Dohn has his latest round of shameless excuses:
"We didn't execute as well as we could of," Dorrell said Sunday. "We were well-prepared, but we just did not execute well."

After the game Dorrell, as he's done in the past, said he will not point fingers at his players for losses. He said the coaches need to do a better job, another familiar refrain after surprising losses.
Uh yeah. He won’t blame the players, but instead he will blame the coaches. And he has the gall about talking about "execution":
"We played hard," Dorrell said. "We didn't play as well as we could have in our execution. That's really what it amounts to. Our team was focused on playing hard and trying to play well, and we just didn't do those things, in terms of the execution side of it."
After giving us the BS about how he had "disciplined" his "resources" at practices.

What a buffoon. It didn’t stop there. Foster had more:
Asked how his team was dealing with the loss, Dorrell said, "They see it as a lost opportunity. We need to really focus and get ourselves playing good football."

On the troubles with execution -- which was the buzzword by all after the game -- Dorrell said, "We have a lot of new players playing for first time. They haven't had a chance to get seasoned and jell with everyone else."
"New players"? Are you kidding me? Last time I checked this was a team with 20 returning starters, and a team made up of players, who were Dorrell recruits. This was his team and his team only, that didn’t have any holdover recruits from the Toledo era, whom Dorrell’s minions crudely dismissed as "underbelly" brining the program down.

And after 4+ years Dorrell has the audacity to bring up the excuse of inexperience of "new players" in the program.

I used to think Dorrell was a good guy but a terrible coach. Now the fact that he is a terrible coach is no longer in doubt. But given how he his statements this year alone has made him sound like nothing but a lying, excuse making, irresponsible fraud, I am not so sure about the shtick about him being some kind of "good guy" anymore. It’s not simply believable when a guy keeps using the same damn excuses over and over again, and keeps stating gibberish that contradicts reality all around him. It makes him sound like a dishonest liar. He just doesn’t sound like a sincere, credible, honest man any more.

You understand.