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[UPDATE]: Let's Turn The Pre$$ure On

UPDATE - N: Per Total donations: $1,939 from 41 contributors as of 7 pm PDT Tuesday. Keep it coming folks. GO BRUINS.

The good guys at give us a bleak picture of Dorrell losing control:

The program is down, as down as we have seen it in several decades ... in this the special year we're supposed to "make a move." And all Dorrell has to offer in terms of insight and inspiration is "we have to work harder" and "we have to execute better." As a player, how many times are you going to hear that and think your coach has it all figured out?!! As a reporter how many times are you going to hear that answer and think that Dorrell will turn this around if you give him the benefit of the doubt? As a fan, how ... well we know we can't give him another season to really kill this program for another decade.

Where is the confidence in Karl Dorrell, where is the credibility even with his own players? Not one player has come out in defense of Dorrell the coach. Not one player has come out believing in the system Dorrell has implemented. "Coaches decision" is now the refrain to questions on play-calling and personnel decisions. Another loss, a losing streak, and we could see this team implode on itself. What is there to support this team should we fall again at Arizona Saturday and head into SuC on a 4 game losing streak?? Where will the belief in themselves and their team come from?? A guy they don't look to now for answers? A guy who has lost credibility with them?

We are not at bottom here and the crazy thing is Dorrell could miraculously get this turned around, win the conference and go to the Rose Bowl. That won't happen, but we don't want to hit absolute bottom where the team gives up on Dorrell either. That would really hurt the program. If the team does finally give up on Dorrell, Dan Guerrero needs to step up and make a change. We understand that DG most likely won't do anything until post SuC, but he should, because all the signs are not looking good right now.
For reasons Menelaus articulated below I myself am not anxious to fire CTS this week just so that we get stuck with Mr. Rebound for the short term which may result in a wrong headed decision of a long term engagement (based on some victories boosted by faux emotion ala Lavin's infamous run to Elite Eight in 1997).

Then again we also need to make it clear to DG no matter what happens in the last remaining four games, we do not want Karl Dorrell around.

And the only way we can make that clear is by putting our money where our mouth is. DD has been raising money to get a billboard up. As of yesterday evening they had raised $1,590 from 33 contributors, which is not bad pace at all.

I think everyone of us who feel strongly that Dorrell should not be part of the UCLA football program no matter what happens rest of this season, need to pony up now.

Give what you can: $10, $25, $50, $100, whatever you can spare. Send in a donation today and help those guys meet their goal, allowing them to put up a billboard near Westwood.

Not only would the physical presence of an actual billboard send a strong signal of how we feel about Dorrell's joke regime, but the gesture of donations alone will send a clear message to Dan Guerrero, we are well past the time of obfuscating coach and admin speak when it comes to yearly underachievements of our football program.

So let's do our part to keep the pressure on Guerrero to make the right move, which is to Dump Dorrell, but clean the entire house at the end of the season.