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Roundup: More Classless Comments From Another Defensive Leader

I will began this Thursday roundup with an unpleasant note that may not make some people happy. But someone needs to say it. I know there are lot of people out there who like Bruce Davis. I think he is a good player who has one big victory in his entire career. However, that one big victory shouldn’t allow him to make classless and arrogant comments like these:

UCLA linebacker Bruce Davis has never met Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, but he can't wait to greet him Saturday.

"He's a good kid, a good quarterback," Davis said. "But I haven't met a freshman that I wasn't able to get inside their head yet. You should expect the first play of the game - whether it's run, pass, whatever it is - you'll see me in his face. I'm just going to give him a friendly hello and let him know that it's going to be a long day for him. That part of it will be taken care of early. Our defense is going to get there."

Every team that has played the Irish (0-5) has gotten to its quarterbacks.

Notre Dame's offensive line has allowed 29 sacks and paved the way for an embarrassing rushing output of 30.4 yards per game. Both statistics are the worst among the 119 schools in Division I.

Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis has said Clausen is the probable starting quarterback if he's healthy. But it might not matter who's behind center, Davis said.

"Jimmy Clausen is one of the better true freshman quarterbacks I've seen the whole time I've been here," Davis said. "Unfortunately, his O-line is just falling apart. They can't block a soul. That's going to hurt your team. That's going to hurt your offense. That's going to get you to 0-5."
Perhaps Bruce ought to call AA and get some lessons on how a championship caliber Bruin talks about his opponent before a game. First Brown insults Notre Dame’s football tradition, and now this from Davis. I don’t think these are isolated incidents. These are coming from two of the marquee players of an over hyped defense which has done absolutely NOTHING this season except to shut down a sh!tty Oregon State offense (which they did last season to start their "three and oh" stretch before collapsing in an embarrassing fashion against a Seminole offense which was a laughing stock in the East Coast).

Someone needs to tell these guys they need to stop this kind of nonsense. At this point they probably do not care about embarrassing the football program. Under their current doofus HC they do that enough on the field, but these kinds of classless comments embarrass the entire university as a whole.

Anyways, on the flip side of bonehead comments from Brown and Davis, there are stories of good kids like Breazell, who is playing like a warrior and not making any excuses. Also on the offensive side of the ball, Dohn has a nice profile of Sutherland, our right guard who is not only aiming for the NFL, but also is thinking about joining the Peace Corps. He sounds more eloquent than his head coach:
In December, Sutherland will graduate with a degree in history, which he could change if he enrolls in the Peace Corps.

"I would like to play after this year, but I'm not the type of person that is thinking that is all I got," Sutherland said.

"Even if I do get a chance, there's no guarantee it will be for long. Every chance I do get to play, it will be a blessing. I'vegot to be able to move on.

"I don't want to sound bad, but I see guys that have been here for three or four years, and they're still working out and not moving on with their lives. I'll play for as long as they let me, but when I'm not able, I've got things I want to do."
Perhaps Noah should share that sage advice with his clueless head coach. The entire UCLA community would be better served if he decided to "move on," because it is not a secret that things haven’t "worked out." Like I said he sounds lot smarter than his head coach. And if he could teach his defensive team-mates on how to sound like a classy Bruin (since it looks like those guys are not getting any instructions from their incompetent coaching staff) in public, that would help too.