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Happy Friday

Couple of more quick notes before ending my Friday. I have more gibberish to share from our doofus talking about 'focus':

UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell was pleased with the Bruins' Thursday practice, telling reporters, "Our team is pretty focused, so we need to get ourselves to the game. We?re pretty focused on what we've got to get done; we know this is an improving team that's coming in here; we know that we have to continue to play better.
I am sure the Sleeping Beauty will recycle the same 'focus' BS leading up to Cal and rest of the season. He is just so inspiring like that.

Well the Sleeping Beauty is not the only who has to worry about himself 'to the game.' For those of you heading out the Rose Bowl, UCLA has sent out this advisory:
"Expect heavy traffic for the UCLA Football vs. Notre Dame game Saturday, 5 p.m. at the Rose Bowl. The Pasadena Police Department suggests you arrive early and carpool if possible (general parking lots, meaning Brookside Golf Course, open at noon).

"There also is a free, convenient shuttle service to and from the Rose Bowl at 100 W. Walnut St., Pasadena. This free shuttle service is also conveniently close to the Metro Gold Line's Memorial Park Station.

"For game day updates, simply text 41-411 and enter: 'rbtraffic' for traffic updates or 'rbparking' for parking updates from your mobile phone. Text messaging rates from your wireless carrier apply."
If you are jonesing for more UCLA tidbits Dohn has been putting up answers to his weekly email questions. He already has Part 1, Part II, and Part III up. Keep an eye on his blog through this evening to see if he has more updates. Honestly I haven't found anything new or earth shattering in those posts. But I always appreciate his effort. If you think there was anything in there that is noteworthy that everyone else should know share them with rest of us in the comment thread.

And that brings to our Friday night video. I can only think of one word when it comes to describing a 0-5 ND taking on a football team coached by the Thinker of the Pac-10:

I mean who else was I going to pick heading into tomorrow's game? One of my all time favorite songs which often captures my mood when watching our football team play under one of the worst coaches in America.

Enjoy your Friday night. See you tomorrow.