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The "Show Me" Season: Notre Dame Open Thread

We have talked enough this week. It's time for the Sleeping Beauty to deliver a deliver a blowout win in the most anticipated home game of his "show-me" season.

If the Bruins do not come out rolling and dominating the Irish, it will be a huge letdown to thousands of those who will come out in force at the Rose Bowl:

Photo Credit: SwansonFamily's photostream (flickr)

Enjoy the game today.

Here is our game day roundup and if you are headed out to the Rose Bowl again make sure you treat the the Irish faithful w/ the respect and hospitality they showed us last year in South Bend.

Kickoff is at 5:00 PST (on ABC). If you are logging on without any TV coverage, here is the link to click to track the game.

The thread is all yours.

Fire away.