Guerrero Grades: Notre Dame

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This will be a bit obvious today, given yet another embarrassing loss to Notre Dame yesterday, but we will stick with it because we must be relentless until the outcome (Dorrell is fired) is secure.  For those who are new to DD or are coming back after a hiatus, we have been using Dan Guerrero's own words to assess Dorrell's performance during the season.  Here is what Guerrero said he expects this season:

"The important thing this year," Guerrero said, "is that we don't beat ourselves, that we play with consistency, that we're an excellent second half team and that we improve as the year progresses."

As we have posted all season and will continue to do, here is our assessment of Karl Dorrell's performance yesterday against Notre Dame with Guerrero's clear points of analysis in mind (obviously this won't be surprising): 

  2. We don't beat ourselves.  Grade: F.  7 Turnovers, 11 penalties, 5 sacks, unfocused, outschemed, outcoached, outgamed, out-adjusted. Why we passed more than we ran when Notre Dame had one of the worst rush defenses in the country while at the same time we had a freshman walk-on QB who'd never thrown a pass is a question for the ages.  Other questions ... why did we have that same QB passing on 3rd and 6 from our 5 yard line??  Why did we have him passing on 4th and 1 when we had the lead and were in field goal position against a team that literally could do nothing on offense?? We're pretty sure that this game will be a case study in Football 101.
  4. Play with consistency.  Grade F.  As usual, there was consistency on the field yesterday, horrible play-calling, horrible game strategy, horrible adjustments on offense.  No intensity, no fire, no enthusiasm ... and we were at home!  The defense played well, but this was an offense that had scored all of 6 TDs all season!  
  6. Excellent 2nd half team.  Grade F.  0 points in the second half.  What adjustments did Karl make??  Did he decide we needed to pass more with a freshman walk-on QB with no game passing experience when we had the lead against a team that couldn't move the ball at all?? We had the lead and gave up the ball 5 times on pass plays we didn't need to call.  The defense could have won this game, Notre Dame had barely 100 yards offense through 3 quarters.  Yet Dorrell decides to go for a 4th and 1 in field goal territory with a pass play for a freshman walk-on QB with no passing experience and with no one in the backfield and we were up by 3 already. WTF?   
  8. Improve as year progresses. Grade F.  For all the Dorrell talk about how we are getting better, how we are "disciplining our resources," how he is the "added coach" and how Dorrell himself has "answered the bell," we now have lost to 2 horrible no-win teams in embarrassing fashion with too many turnovers and penalties.  Although it was obvious that Dorrell coached hard, we are actually getting worse ... which is no surprise but a reminder that talent gets wasted under Dorrell and that sadly recruits with any chance of going to the NFL will not develop and will lose a potentially great future for themselves and their families.  Did you not hear the bell Karl?? 
Fire away with your thoughts ...

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