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Speculation Swirling: Dorrell Has "Lost His Players"

I think this quote from Tevaga in today's Daily News is worth highlighting again:

"I thought we were going to run it there," Tevaga said. "That's the coaches' call."
Tevaga was referring to now infamous 4th and 1 that completely blew up in Dorvell's faces.

And now the premium board of Bruin Report Online is on fire w the speculation about Dorrell losing his players. Take a look at this thread (subscription req'd):

Of course I can't share with you what are in those messages, however, I believe the title of those posts give a strong hint at what is being discussed.

Suffice to say an ugly and toxic situation is rapidly developing around the UCLA football program. And it's not a healthy situation at all. Ironically one of the reasons Dan Guerrero gave the assembling media at the Morgan Center when he fired Toledo in 2002 was because he wanted a "healthy environment" around UCLA football:
"If you think about the program in the general sense and what we are trying to accomplish it is all about having the right environment," Guerrero said. "In the final analysis it was not a healthy environment."
Well it certainly hasn't worked out that way and in some way UCLA football is even more toxic than it was under Toledo. Again chances are no one is even thinking about firing Dorrell until at the end of this season.

However, if Dorrell has any shred of grace (then again no one has every really mistaken him for being graceful) and dignity (one of his selling points when he was brought into the program) left, he'd resign for the good of the program this coming week, and let everyone associated with this program move on in search for the next head coach (a search that should not consider anyone from the current staff).