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Dorrell Rockets To Number 4 In "Coaches Hot Seat" Rankings

The Thinker is moving on up!!!

One has to wonder what kind of team would be so bad to lose at home to Charlie Weis and the Irish, but we found a team that did just that.  UCLA and Karl Dorrell not only don't have a back-up QB that can play at the Division I-A level, the entire team looked like it hasn't been coached by anyone in years.  Give credit to Charlie Weis' team for fighting hard to get a first win, but let's be honest, that was just bad football by everyone involved.  UCLA's performance lands Dorrell right back on the  Hot Seat, just where he started the season, and it looks like now only a near miracle finish to the season will save his job.  Southern Cal's loss to Stanford put a little salve on the UCLA wound Saturday night, but does anyone doubt that Dan Guerrero, the UCLA AD, is not sitting in his office right going over his names to replace Dorrell?  If there is one thing we do know about Guerrero is that he does not like to lose, and he will not tolerate losing in the Bruin football program, nor more than he did in basketball.  No doubt, Guerrero will be looking to make a big splash hire if the current trend continues in football, and it easy to imagine who sits at the top of his list, Chris Peterson of Boise State.
That was from Coaches Hot Seat Blog, that also added this:
4.   Karl Dorrell -  Is anyone coaching this Bruin football team?  Doesn't look like it, and more than just fans are noticing that fact.  Dorrell has 6 games left, and he must win 4 of them to keep his job.  That means he has to get four wins from, Cal at home, at Washington State, at Arizona, Arizona State at home, Oregon at home, and USC at the Coliseum.  Not a chance.
You can take a look at this week's rankings by going here.

The pressure is only going to get hotter from here on out, and it is not going to let up unless he brings home a Pac-10 championship.