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It's time to make some noise and demand a coaching change!!  It's time to reach the mass average Bruin fan that knows they want a coaching change but doesn't know how to make it happen.  We decided that the best way to do that is to give everyone something easy to get behind and to remember.  What better choice than to put Karl Dorrell's record of achievement out there front and center in a comical way ....  We're #4!!

Karl Dorrell was hired to compete for Pac-10 championships, compete in BCS bowl games and beat SuC.   Dorrell hasn't come close to the first 2 and and has beaten SuC only 1 time in 4 years.  In the Pac-10 he has averaged 4th place in the standings (behind SuC, Cal, Oregon), not coming close to winning the conference, only peaking at 3rd place one time (2005).   In terms of overall record, Karl Dorrell has actually amassed the 5th best record of all conference teams during his tenure up to last Saturday's loss (behind SuC, Cal, Oregon, ASU and tied with Oregon State)!   

So if Dan Guerrero is proud of the record of the football program under Karl Dorrell then he should be proud of putting together the 4th best football program in the Pac-10!!  Champions Made (Near) Here!  Let's champion that mediocrity, let's promote Karl Dorrell's great coaching record.  We're #4!! 

This is it Bruin fans.  If you want change YOU must make it happen.  Here's what we have planned, what you can do:

  2. Mail Dan Guerrero your 4th place medals, ribbons, trophies!!  This is probably the biggest thing you can do.  If you want a new coach then put some action behind your desire for change.  Mail Dan Guerrero a fourth place ribbon, medal or trophy you or someone you know won at some obscure hammer-throwing event while on vacation in Fresno.  Or buy a ribbon or sticker with number 4 on it and send that.  You get the picture.  Send it in with a simple polite note to Dan Guerrero saying, "Hey Dan, We're #4 ... in the Pac-10.  Thanks.  Thanks a lot." Or add whatever fun stuff on Karl Dorrell you like and that you are no longer going to support the team by going to games, donating to the fund, etc.  Simple is better.  The message is basic ... we have the #4 football program in the Pac-10.  Champions Made (Near) Here, Dan.  DG's mailing address, along with other UCLA and Morgan Center types are listed below. Let's stuff DG's mailbox with mediocrity!!!
  4. 4-finger Foam fingers!  We are having 4-finger foam finger mitts made.   Yep ... we found 'em, they exist.  We ordered them with the slogan "We're #4!" on the fingers and "" on the palm.  They are hilarious.  It will come in baby blue with gold lettering.  They will come in on Friday of this week or Monday next week at the latest.  We will make them available for the Cal game at home.  Wear them to the games! Check back for that.
  6. New "We're #4!" T-shirts.  The new t-shirts will have a picture of the back of Karl Dorrell with his arm raised and his hand aloft with 4 fingers raised.  "We're #4!" will be lettered above him.  On the back, we will have, and we might go with an alternative, depending on demand (we don't want to have extras), with "Commitment To Mediocrity" or "Champions Made (Near) Here" with on the back.  These t-shirts won't be available until next week, hopefully in time to mail them before the Cal game.  Check back for that.
  8. "We're #4!" Billboard.  Depending on the demand, we may at some point take donations for a billboard in Westwood or thereabouts with that same simple message on it.  "We're #4! Thanks Dan Guerrero and Karl Dorrell. Thanks a lot."  
  10. "We're #4" on the radio and internet.  Start pushing the message on every sports outlet.  We're #4 gets the point across that under Dorrell we are average in the Pac-10 and it's unacceptable.  We are depending on everyone to get that message out.  There will be no hiding behind cliches or sunshine reports or good guy alum bs anymore.  The facts should get out there, Karl Dorrell has run the 4th best program in the Pac-10 ... no getting around it ... and that is unacceptable.  

That is the start.  Get on it, get behind it, let all your UCLA friends know too.  Here are the emails and addresses of the people you need to contact!  Get the word out, send in your #4 items! 

Who To Contact - Administration:

Chancellor Gene Block
Box 951405, Murphy Hall 2147
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1405
Telephone: 310-825-2151
Fax: 310-206-6030

Dr. Peter W. Blackman, Administrative Vice Chancellor
UCLA Admin V Chancellor’s Office
BOX 951405, 2211 Murphy Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1405
Telephone: 310-825-2411
Fax: 310-206-3616

Daniel G. Guerrero, Director of Athletics
UCLA Intcol Athletics
BOX 951639, Morgan Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1639
Telephone: 310-206-6382
Fax: 310-206-7047

More emails/contact info after the jump. Please hit "read more" -N

Prof. Donald Morrison, Faculty Athletic Representative & William E. Leonhard Chair in Mgmt
UCLA Anderson
BOX 951481, B515 Gold Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481
Telephone: 310-825-7706; 310-825-0003

Bob Field, Associate Athletic Director UCLA Intcol Ath
UCLA Intcol Athletics
BOX 951639, Morgan Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1639
Telephone: 310-206-6580
Fax: 310-206-7047

UCLA Athletic Fund:(310) 206-3302

Sr. Associate Ath. Director - External Relations Ross Bjork, Emporia State ‘95;
Assistant Ath. Director - Wooden Athletic Fund Sharon Takeda, UCLA ‘89;
Asst. Director (Wooden Athletic Fund) Brian Smith, California ‘88;
Asst. Director (Wooden Athletic Fund) Bill Bennett, Nebraska ‘74

Who To Contact - Press:

LA Times: Chris Foster

LA Daily News: Brian Dohn

OC Register: Robert Kuwada, Steve Bisheff

LB Press Enterprise: Kevin Pearson

LB Press Telegram: Bob Keisser, Doug Krikorian

Daily Bruin: David Woods

Espn Radio: Colin Cowherd, Loose Cannons Ivan Maisel, Bruce Feldman

Fox Sports Radio: Joe McDonnell

Pac-10 & Other Media 

Anthony Gimino, Tuscon Citizen,
Bob Young, Arizona Republic,
Rusty Simmons, SF Chronicle,
Tim Brown, The Oregonian,
Jeff Smith, The Oregonian,
Bob Condotta, Seattle Times,
Craig Smith, Seattle Times,
Molly Yanity, Seattle Post Intelligencer,
Jon Naito, Seattle Post Intelligencer,
Vince Grippi, Spokesman Review,
Diane Pucin, LA Times,
Doug Krikorian, LB Press Telegram,,
Scott Wolf, LA Daily News,
Kevin Modesti, LB Press Enterprise,
Bud Withers, Seattle Times,
Richard Cirminielo, College Football News,
 Peter Fiurak, College Football News,
AM570 producer,

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