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The Fixer Of Westwood

Phew. What a relief.

Once again Karl Dorrell is planning to "get things fixed":

"For the first quarter and a half he played pretty solid, where there wasn't any big change in the score,'' Dorrell said. "You can tell his inexperience showed at times, a little bit later in the game, which caused, for us to make some mistakes and put him in bad situations. Unfortunately for us, we're trying to win a football game and we came up short in doing so and made a lot of mistakes both from a coaching standpoint and a players standpoint and we just need to get things fixed.''
Yes. Those were the Thinker's comments after the latest debacle of this sorry season. From now on I will also start referring to the Thinker as "The Fixer" of Westwood.

Luckily, Bruin fans from across the spectrum are finally waking up and coming out of the woodwork to echo what we have been saying about the Fixer for all these years. From Brian Dohn's blog, here is a sampling of "thoughts" from UCLA fans streaming in wrt to state of Dorrell's joke of a football program. Few highlights below:

From Marc:
The UCLA football program is in a very terrible state. They lack direction. Karl Dorrel is a pathetic hapless loser. If UCLA sticks with this guy, then the bottom is still to come. This could be the bottom; but with Karl at the helm the bottom may well be an 0-12 or 1-11 season in the near future.
From Biz:
Brian, even when we were bad during the Donahue and Toledo years, I don't recall being so depressed about the football program. I'll be surprised if Dorrell is still the coach at the end of the year. I believe the AD will stick to his commitment with reestablishing UCLA's elite status in football much like basketball.
From El Mariachi:
Brian, did you ever land a job that provided you with five years at full pay to learn how to perform it? Me either. That's UCLA's commitment to a winning FB program in a nutshell.

I guess Carnesale got what HE wanted - points for hiring a minority HC - but the players only got a guy that's making $1M a year to play the part of HC.

UCLA right now is a fractured program that is capable of losing to absolutely anyone. It is two losses to Cal and Wash St. away from becoming .500 and completely broken.

I wish the players would take the initiative, march on Dan Guerrero's office, and demand he hire a HC that's actually qualified.
From Paul:
I think the state of the UCLA football program is equal, or worse, to the state in which Bob Toledo left it. It is a program with no direction and no future. Both starting quarterbacks are mediocre and there appears to be only minimal depth at most positions. The coaching staff seems unable to make offensive adjustments during the game or motivate players before the game, with DeWayne Walker remaining the notable exception. Dorrell needs to go so the program can begin rebuilding. Recruits should want to attend UCLA -- a beautiful location, national media exposure, a strong conference and proud tradition (100 titles). Mediocrity does not draw fans and since football is a revenue sport that alone should be a huge red flag for the athletic administration, regardless of their affection for Dorrell. Thanks for listening.
From TheStick:
My father and I have been attending UCLA Football games since the mid to late 80's. We were at the Rose Bowl for Saturday's game against Notre Dame. At not time since we've been attending games has this program looked so offensively unprepared as they did Saturday. Despite having a third string walk on Freshman this team should have beaten an extremely below average Notre Dame team. There needs to be a change in the coaching staff in order to remedy the situation. A change is needed now.
And finally from Chuckster, a former supporter of the Fixer:
From day one I have been a Dorrell supporter, believing his work ethic and commitment to all things blue and gold would bring success. I for one have had more than a few jobs where my lack of experience was disregarded because of the energy and potential I could bring to the position. That being said, as growth and knowledge of ones position increase so should the ability for failure decrease, especially those of significant proportion. That, I'm afraid is far from what is happening during Dorrell's tenure. He seems to me a man running the 100 meters against world class sprinters and continually losing, changing shoes, sportwear, starting position, never to realize there are some who have it and some who never will.
Again those are some samples. If you want to read the whole thread dominated by folks who want to get rid of the Fixer click here. Unbelievably couple of morons posted in that thread still defending the Fixer.

Well the only thing that's left for us to do is join's campaign, which will hopefully raise the awareness re. the incompetency of our clueless head coach to whole another level, putting immense pressure on the UCLA athletic department to do the only thing it can do to "fix" our cursed program: get rid of the Fixer of Westwood.