It is what it is

I just cannot get that KD quote out of my mind.  In conjunction with his "I sleep well at night" comment after the Utah loss, these two comments really portrays a person totally devoid of any sense of responsibility.  Responsibility to his employer UCLA, responsibility to Bruin fans, and responsibility to his profession as a football coach.

These are very callous statements, tantamount to pouring salt onto a wound.  There are thousands upon thousands of Bruin football fans who live and die Bruin football, and with each loss their emtional well-being take a dive into a pitch-dark abyss.  

So, after the Utah loss, while Bruin fans everywhere were suffering the pain of such an unexpected humiliation, KD smirked to the media and declared:  I still sleep well at night.

And then came the Notre Dame debacle, a game that no way UCLA should have lost regardless of who was at QB, a game UCLA should not have lost even if there was no one at QB.  There was only one way UCLA could have lost, and KD found that one way -- by abandoning the running game (against which Notre Dame basically had no answer to stop) and forcing a walk-on with zero real-game experience to instantly become Johnny Unitas in a wide-open passing offensive scheme.  This coaching decision, two days later, remains inexplicable even to the most ardent of KD supporters.

And once again, Bruin football fans everywhere were suffering in pain to have lost so unexpectedly to a Notre Dame that, talent-wise, did not belong on the same field as UCLA.  It was a colossal loss, the worst of KD's career.  Asked about the loss, KD responded:  It is what it is.

To die-hard, mourning Bruin fans everywhere, what a cold-hearted, insulting, and even spiteful statement to make.  And it seemed to be calculated to inflict purposeful pain -- as if KD were cornered and that was his way of fighting back.

KD is telling Bruin fans:  don't take the game so seriously, because he himself sure doesn't.  It is what it, get over it.

"It is what it is" will stay with me for a long, long time.

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