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It's Official: Dorrell Destroys Ben Olson's Career at UCLA

From Dohn's blog:

This is from UCLA. QB Ben Olson will have surgery on his left knee.
UCLA quarterback Ben Olson has a partial tear of the lateral collateral ligament in his left knee. As a precaution, Olson will have an arthroscopy on his left knee on Tuesday to check for a possible tear of the lateral meniscus (cartilage). An estimate on his return will not be known until after the procedure.
From the department of "I told you sos (as I bang my head against the wall)" here is once again snipets of a BN post from last Feb, when Dorrell announced the hiring of offensive line coach Bob Connelly:
Bob Connelly has to go.  It's unthinkable that a coach working with BCS league talent can't have his players more prepared to play the game than he does.  Injuries and inexperience are only excuses for so long, and there's no way any other major football program would stand for it's O-Line giving up 11 sacks in one game like we did in the Iron Bowl.  JP is a tough kid, but he's taken way too many hits already and at some point he's going to get hurt having to scramble for his life nearly every down.
That was from our friends at Roll Bama Roll, Crimson Tide bloggers who also shared this on Connelly:
"Fire offensive line coach Bob Connelly. It is incredible how many times Bama's QB has been sacked in the last two years. Even if they aren't getting sacked, they're running for the their lives almost every passing play (which begs the question, why don't we use the shotgun more?)"
Tell me once again why should KD be allowed to risk Chris Forcier's career by having him play behind a Connelly coached offensive line that "can't block a soul"?