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Total Unity In The Bruin Blogosphere

Here is another silver lining to Saturday's debacle at the Rose Bowl. For first time I can remember, there is total unity in the greater Bruin blogosphere wrt to the failed regime of Karl Dorrell.

I mean, I am sure all of you guys know by now where and BruinsNation stand when it comes to Karl Dorrell. :-) But now we have total unity across the spectrum. Here are reactions from the rest of our peers in the Bruin blogosphere (who are not associated with any traditional media outlets) to the Saturday night's massacre at the Rose Bowl.

Let's lead off with Gilbert at Obscure Sports Quarterly, who calls out Dorrell's joke of a program as `the worst 4-2 team in the country:

I know UCLA is 4-2, and to the uninformed fan, that looks good. But none of the wins are against good teams (and UCLA played horrible in all of them). Both of the losses were horrendous, embarrassing losses that made UCLA football a laughingstock. (Read my thoughts on the Utah debacle here).

If UCLA's not the worst 4-2 team in the country, I don't know who is. What's scary is the tough games on the schedule are still remaining (Cal, Oregon, Arizona State, USC).

Notre Dame is now 1-5. While most of the country has been laughing at them for being a laughingstock, they will now laugh at UCLA for losing to Notre Dame.


If this post sounded incoherent, it's because these embarrassing losses still hurt, even when you get used to them and expect them to happen.
And then go over to Jason at What's Bruin, Dawg, who wasted no time in expressing his disgust at the alleged offensive `genius' posing as our head coach (emphasis Jason's):
I am frankly amazed we were even able to defeat Stanford 45-17 to open the season. We look that pathetic. We have gotten worse EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. We are a team without an offensive identity, led by a coach who supposedly is an offensive 'genius'.

I am sick and tired of hearing about how we're going to 'learn from this loss'. It's readily apparent, five years into this experiment, that we have learned absolutely jack shit.
Meanwhile, in Chicago, Seitz (who similar to Gilbert was also reeling from his Halos' collapse), called out the Sleeping Beauty as the "dumbest person on the face of the earth":
Karl Dorrell may be the dumbest person on the face of the earth. What kind of idiot takes a freshman, walk-on QB and 1) makes him go with an empty backfield on 4th and 1, and 2) makes him throw for a first down on 3rd and 6 from his own five yard line against a team that is pretty pathetic, and could not move the ball on offense? He should have been fired right after that play.
Hey, I have no disagreement with that sentiment. Even CPBruinFan at Bruin Roar, who to his credit has been biting his lip, couldn't hold out any longer as he is now openly dreaming of a "regime change":
I guess that is my silver lining tonight: our defeat won't be the lead story on Sports Center. Yes, that is sad and pathetic, but I don't care. It is about the only thing I have left as a fan at this point. If the Bruins aren't going to win, well dammit, the Trojans better lose. So thank you Stanford, you at least made tonight somewhat tolerable. Now, I'm going to go finish the rest of my beers and dream of regime change in the off season.
Ryan Young, a UCLA alum who blogs on the LAist, on how DG cannot allow the current state of affairs to continue:
Perhaps the most telling sign of the current state of affairs was the fan response in the early stages of the game when everyone still thought that the Bruins would win. There were a number of Irish fans sitting in my section (and in every other section) and despite their team’s 0-5 debacle of a season to that point and poor execution on the field, they still conveyed optimism and enthusiasm because they’re excited about the direction that Charlie Weis has the program headed in the right direction. Contrast that to the Bruin fans, who were groaning after every bad play, expecting something bad to happen because that’s what seems to happen to this team under Dorrell, despite a seemingly lofty 4-1 record. There is no confidence in the direction of the program, only the expectation that things are going to get worse. How can this be allowed to continue?

Now the big question is whether the athletic department, which supposedly loves Karl, has the stones to pull the trigger (and if you want to encourage them, AD Dan Guerrero’s email is It may cost them this stellar recruiting class that Dorrell is bringing in, and it will cost a lot of money to buyout some contracts. But you know what, if someone doesn’t know how to drive a car, it’s not going to matter whether he has a Ferrari or he has a Kia. The car is still not going to go anywhere. It’s time to find someone that’s got his drivers license, even if his car his only a Camry.
And I will end with this note from Insomniac Lounge, another UCLA alum who is looking at the silver lining declaring UCLA football fans as "the big winners" from Saturday:
Without a doubt, the big winners this weekend were UCLA football fans. Sure, right now they might be filled with anger and shame, but that embarrassing, pathetic loss to Notre Dame was actually a blessing for their program. That defeat combined with USC's loss erased any possibility that Karl Dorrell could save his job beyond this season. With Dorrell, the program was destined for perpetual mediocrity. At least now, there's hope for the future. Message to Chris Peterson: I'm sure you're happy at Boise State, but UCLA isn't a bad place to be either. Ok, the Rose Bowl doesn't come with blue turf, but on the plus side, the campus is just a few miles down Sunset from the Church of Scientology headquarters. Think about it. What would Xenu do???

It would be a convenient excuse for Karl Dorrell to highlight the fact that he was playing the majority of the Notre Dame game with his 3rd string QB, a walk-on freshman with little experience (or discernible talent). Unfortunately for Captain Karl, Stanford managed to beat #2 USC in the LA Coliseum with a sophomore QB, Tavita Pritchard. Pritchard had only thrown three collegiate passes entering the game, and yet Jim Harbaugh was able to coach him up to the extent that he pulled off the greatest upset in college football history (at least in terms of point spreads). For any UCLA fans reading this blog, "coaching" is a term used in sports to describe the development of skills under the tutelage of a team leader or coach. I know it's been a foreign concept around this time of year in Westwood, but believe it or not, other programs actually perform this miracle with regularity.
I will leave you all with this.

Just imagine next season. We are going to be enjoying a new football season, hopefully under a brand new competent coach, who will slowly rebuild our program, while we get to watch the clowns from South Central stuck in a quagmire with a glorified substitute teacher, who they will not be able to fire because of the "success" he built upon a pile of scandals. It is going to be fun to watch those cowardly losers devoid of any morals go through their slow, painful fall.

Better days are ahead of us. Meanwhile, it is comforting now for the first time the entire Bruin Nation is unified, together in demand for a total change at the top of our football program.