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[UPDATE II- DB's Reason For Pulling "Anti-KD Ad"] Wide Awake In Bruins Nation

UPDATE II:Well here is the response from Saba at Daily Bruin to our ncrpz2:

Thank you for expressing your concern. While the ad was originally slated to run, we made a last-minute call to pull the ad because the website listed on the ad did not meet the community standards that all of our ads are subjected to. The web-site was not yet up and running until late in the evening last night, hence, our last minute decision to pull the ad. While our media director had discussed the content of the website with the advertiser, he was not told of any of the additional links and images that the website hosted.

I invite you to visit the website for any further clarification with respect to the web-site's content:

Best regards,

-BTW if you work at a mega corporation like myself, don't visit that web site. It's some kind a adult website, very classy.

It doesn't look like there is any 'morgan center' cover up. it looks like the ad was to mislead people to go to that adult web site.
There is your answer for now. Thanks to Saba, DB?s EIC for her prompt response. But I am now curious about ?the law firm in Orange Country? that Dohn identified as the ?buyer? of the ad. Anyone wants to dig into this any further? GO BRUINS. - N

UPDATE I: Apparently the Daily Bruin has pulled the anti-Dorrell ad. You can contact Saba Riazati, DB's Editor In Chief here and ask her for an explanation. If someone has a direct email address for her, please post in the comment thread, and we will ask everyone to ask her for an explanation in a polite way. GO BRUINS. -N

Well I think we can call this official. Even Brian Dohn is now reporting on the heat members of greater UCLA community are generating on the worst football coach in America. Dohn reports on what UCLA students will find in the Daily Bruin today:
[E]veryone who thumbs through the campus newspaper today will also be greeted by the controversy involving Dorrell's status.

An ad was purchased and will run in today's Daily Bruin calling for Dorrell to be fired, according to Saba Riazati, the newspaper's editor in chief. The contact number given for the buyer of the ad is a law firm in Orange County.

Riazati added the ad is "a little larger than a quarter of a page," and was subject to the same guidelines as other ads for the publication.
We can?t see the ad online. So if any of you out there who have a copy of the DB, if you can scan and email us a screenshot of PDF file of that ad, we?d be immensely grateful.Dohn has more including this on how the students are sick and tired of Dorrell:
"I've had at least a couple of students come up to me and skip the preamble of asking whether or not Dorrell's going to lose his job, and just ask who I think will be replacing him," said David Woods, a senior and football beat reporter for the Daily Bruin.

"No one I've talked to really blames the players. On the other hand, this girl I know carved `Fire Karl' in a pumpkin."

Woods added students who care about the state of the football program "are generally on the dump Dorrell bandwagon."
And it is not just the students who are clowning Dorrell?s joke program. It is also coming from our professors:
As players walk around campus, sit in classrooms and talk with non-football playing friends, there is no escaping the reminders, which sometimes come from the most unexpected of places.

"I've been in a couple of classes where teachers have made jokes about us not winning," UCLA sophomore receiver Terrence Austin said. "There's nothing I can say. I slump in my seat."
I love the Bruin Nation. Looks like while the Thinker has been sleeping away, the rest of the Nation (beyond BN) has woken up.

Meanwhile, Adam de Jong from the Daily Bruin is on fire. He followed up his Monday?s masterpiece with another gem. Adam channels our post on BN by laying out the big picture scenarios for rest of the season (emphasis mine):
Scenario No. 1: The Bruins win out.

Given that running back Kahlil Bell is gone for the year, are we really going to entertain this notion?

Scenario No. 2: The Bruins win three out of four.

Should the Bruins collect eight wins and make a Sun Bowl appearance, then Dorrell?s job would just about certainly be safe. But should anyone who follows the program really be satisfied with an eight-win season in a supposed watershed year with all these returning starters and an underwhelming Trojan club across town? It?s rhetorical, but here?s the answer, anyway: no, a million times, no.

Scenario No. 3: The Bruin split.

Seven wins and a likely Las Vegas Bowl appearance. Ugh. Going 6-3 in the loaded Pac-10 is no shame, especially this year. But it?s the way in which Dorrell?s team has lost this year that is putting his job in jeopardy. Losses to Utah, one-win Notre Dame and last-place Washington State means that if the Bruins finish 7-5, they shouldn?t have done any worse than 9-3. He should be fired with this result. The question, though, is will he.

Scenario No. 4: The Bruins win one of four.

Six-and-six and Dorrell would almost certainly get his walking papers and a tasty little buyout.

If the Bruins, say, beat Arizona this week and then get embarrassed at home against Arizona State and Oregon, and then close out the year with another loss at the L.A. Coliseum, that would make Guerrero?s decision a whole lot easier.

If indeed Guerrero decides to ?go in another direction? then he?d likely show Dorrell the door before the bowl game so that he can begin the search process as early as possible. This seems like the most likely scenario, in which case we might be lucky enough to see Ed Kezirian back on the sidelines for a bowl game, holding down the fort until the new coach comes riding in at dawn to save the day. The irony of all this playing out, in hopes that Kezirian could pick up his second bowl win, shouldn?t be lost on anyone. After all, Dorrell only has one bowl win.

Scenario No. 5: The Bruins lose out.

Strike another match, go start anew.

And it?s all over now, Baby Blue.
Adam absolutely nails it with his comments wrt to Scenarios 2 and 3. This is why we need to keep the pressure on from all angles to let Dan Guerrero know, no matter what, we don?t want Karl Dorrell or any of assistants back in Westwood next year.

We are through with them. And it is quiet clear today so is extended Bruin Community. It certainly sounds like everyone is now wide awake and finally caught on the Dorrell charade at UCLA. Even our friends watching from a far are speaking out how a school like UCLA deserves so much better than what we have suffered through for last 4+ years:
Superficially, the suffering of Bruins fans may be grandly entertaining, but, on a much more significant level, the inability of what is, both currently and historically, one of the country's premiere athletics programs to live up to its present potential and its longstanding heritage on the gridiron is harmful to the sport.
But we cannot let up and do everything we can to keep the pressure on so there is no room for doubt when the conversations wrt to the worst college football coach in America goes offline from here on BN.