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Dorrellian Saturday Roundup

Honestly I lose all interest in reading football related articles when I start with BS like this:

[T]he Bruins can rightly claim that all will be forgotten, maybe even forgiven, if they win three games.

"We've had our problems this year, no doubt about that," defensive end Bruce Davis said. "To still be in contention to win this conference is great, and we're going to do everything we can to do so."

It will take victories over ninth-ranked Arizona State, third-ranked Oregon and No. 12 USC.

"I'm not looking down the line at the last two games, I'm looking forward to coming out and competing against ASU," strong safety Chris Horton said.

"Fortunately for us," he added, "everything is where it was two weeks ago."
Uhm, someone needs to clue these guys in. While it will be cute and nice if they win out rest of the season, but we are not going to "forgive" their joke coaches for what they have done (or not done) last 4+ years. And you can see where the delusion is coming from:
Much the same came from UCLA's Dorrell, who pointed out, "We still have a lot to play for and it is still on the table."

Running that table will take some above-and-beyond work from players who have had responsibility heaped on them because of injuries.
Dohn as expected is lapping it up:
As UCLA trudges through its injuries and deals with the diminishing chances of playing in a marquee bowl (or any bowl), coach Karl Dorrell said he was happy about the week of practice.

"It's been a good week. We're bouncing back," Dorrell said. "We still have a lot to play for, and it's still on the table. We understand where we're at, in terms of the injury front, but you know what? Our players aren't using that as an excuse. They want to come out and compete, and show what type of team we are."
Uhm, I could have sworn, I have been reading about injury excuses the whole week. So you get the theme. Lot of whining about injuries and blurting out nonsense about how they still control their own destiny. If you want to read more of the  same crap, here are the UCLA sections of the LA Times and the Daily News. I don't want to ruin my stomach reading that crap on this beautiful So. Cal Sat. morning. I will put up a game thread in a bit. And BN will be all yours.