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Bruins maul Vikings 69-48: Postgame thread

UCLA pounced all over Portland St. with a 18-2 run to start the game, and activated the autopilot en route to a 21 point win.

I admit to being a little concerned about our defense during the preseason, but when your non-walkons surrender point totals in the high 30's, you must be doing something right.

Tonight was also officially Kevin Love's coming out party with 22 points including 9-11 from the FT line. He was unstoppable on the blocks with anything less than 3 defenders on him. It's Kevin's world, we just live in it.

Equally spectacular IMO was Josh Shipp, who didn't seem to be in the game long, but made his impact felt when he was pouring in 18 points. Hitting 3's fading away off of a curl, with a man flying by, pulling up on the fast break, he doesn't need to be told twice to score the ball.

It wasn't all spectacular, with the offense seeming discombobulated without their sure handed lightning quick point guard. I said it during the preseason and it bears repeating: The offense runs smoother with DC. As it almost always is with Ben Ball however, there is a silver lining. These extended minutes for Westbrook in a starting role are going to pay dividends later.

Comments? Observations? Concerns? Postgame thread, right here.