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The Classless World of Dorrellian Football

Quickhands already took note of this in the comment thread of my morning post. The post game quote from Brandon Breazell is the latest shiner of the classy' nature of Dorrell's worthless football program:

Listen to receiver Brandon Breazell after his perfect deep pass in the third quarter was dropped by wide-open, walk-on wide receiver Chris Meadows, killing Bruin momentum.

"That was Meadows' play," said Breazell, blaming the kid without the scholarship. "All week he said, 'I got your back, I got your back' " . . . and then when game time comes, well . . .
Now Breazell has been an absolute warrior this season. I mean during the Utah debacle he seemed like the only kid who was playing his heart out despite the vicious dental injuries he had suffered the game before. He has been spectacular on offense despite being shackled by a joke system. However, I am afraid these comments pretty much negate all of that. I am going to remember him for the way he sold out his team-mates. And I think it really tells us all we need to know about the kind of program Dorrell has put together in Westwood.

Countless times over the years we have heard from Dorrell backers and even some reasonable impartial observers about how Dorrell has built a clean program. But given all we have seen from players like Bruce Davis and now Brandon Breazell, unfortunately this sad era of UCLA football is going to be remembered in the prism of these classless comments and behavior off the field making their regular disgraceful on the field (team) performances look even that much uglier.

Thanks a lot Karl for building a program that sullies and embarrasses those magical four letters not only off the field, but makes our entire nation look bad off it. You and everyone associated with your joke program ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Dorrellian, I guess its another word for "classy" in the tragicomic world of UCLA football. Despicable and disgraceful.