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Burning Hot

Coaches Hot Seat blog keeps the Doofus' chair burning. Here are their thoughts following Saturday's action (or shall we say inaction at the Rose Bowl):

Karl Dorrell - If Karl Dorrell is the coach at UCLA next season, then UCLA football is done.  If the Bruins can play Arizona State tough, then they should be able to beat every team on their schedule, but they are now 5-5.  With all the talent on this UCLA team, even with the injuries, there is just no excuse for such mediocrity in Westwood.
CTS got bumped down to 2 spot at number 3 behind Houston and  Charlie Weiss this week, but that doesn't mean he got any kind of respite from the guys who love telling like it is:
3.   Karl Dorrell - People can say what they want about Dorrell, and we would agree with most of it, but Karl is a decent enough guy.  He was a very good player at UCLA, and he has worked hard in his career to get to where he is at today, but the fact is that at this point in his career he is not ready to be a head coach.  Dorrell is only 44, and if he is fired, which seems about as sure as the Sun coming up in the morning, he may be able to find his way back to a head coaching job eventually.  That will be up to him and how badly he wants to be a head coach, because from what we have seen of UCLA both on the field, we don't know if Dorrell really wants to be a head coach.  What goes on at USC in a typical week for Pete Carroll and his coaches is a lot different than what Dorrell and his coaches do, and that difference has shown up on the football field a couple of dozen times in the past 5 years.  That loss to Notre Dame earlier this year looks more and more troubling, and that game strikes at the heart why Dorrell must and will be fired from UCLA.  You just cannot lose to one of the worst I-A football teams in modern history and expect anything other than lose your job.  Good Luck against Oregon and USC Karl.  You have enough talent on your team to be competitive in both of those games, and now it is your job to get your players ready to play, but again that has been your job all along and you have seriously failed at that task.
Agree with all of that except about the part of Karl become some decent guy. As Menelaus wrote a while ago Karl is just another guy who is out there for himself. He is just a selfish SOB, who hasn't been forthright with the Bruin Nation. He has not treated his assistants (constantly scapegoating them) well. He has not treated lot of his players well and he has not hesitated to compromise his principles by keeping characters such as Eric Scot in the program. And then all that BS about him being some good Bruin hasn't really made sense, given all the stories we have heard about how he always wanted to move on to NFL.

So excuse us for not buying the line of CTS as being some swell guy. He is just another selfish SOB who is out there for himself, and now he has gotten exposed as a national laughing stock, who not only deserves to be fired at UCLA, but if he had any shred of dignity left he'd come out and announce how he was stepping down immediately or at the end of the season (while giving up at least a chunk of the cool $2 million buyout K, which he doesn't deserve given yet another predictable and underachieving season at UCLA).