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Dump Dorrell Movement Spreads Out To The East

While the guys over at are working to place much anticipated ads in the Daily Bruin, looks like the word has gone out ... all the way to the East Coast:

Many thanks to one of our loyal readers who sent us that priceless shot. He is a graduate couple of grad programs at UCLA, but attended Williams College in Massachusetts for his undergrad. He tuned on to WWL's Game Day las Saturday, which was being broadcast from Williams College, and ended up being greeted by that shot involving his graduate school alma mater's Doofus football coach coming from the campus of his undergrad alma mater.

Of course big ups to the Bruin fans near the Game Day set who pulled this off. We sure recognize their efforts on BN. If you see more signs like this as we count down to the end of the KD hell in Westwood, please email them to us. While at the same time hopefully we will get to see the ads in the Daily Bruin.

Let's keep the pressure on.