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Center Court: Ben Ball Open Game (Youngstown St) Thread

Well, so many of you lucky BNers from Southern California have already gotten your up close look at the 2007-08 edition of our Ben Ball warriors. Tonight it is everyones' turn on BN (well, everyone who is fortunate to have basic cable, I guess). The Ben Ball warriors take on the Penguins from Youngstown State tonight in the CBE Classic's first round game at Pauley. If the Bruins can get by the Penguins tonight, they get to take on the winner of Cal State San Bernardino/Weber St (Coach Howland's alma mater) tomorrow night at Pauley.

So AA2 (for the new readers on BN: AA2 is of course Alfredo Aboya; the initials AA has been "retired" on BN in tribute to a certain original Ben Ball warrior), KL and rest of their teammates make their national TV debut tonight on ESPN 2. That means we get to see lot of this:

Photo credit: Jack Rosenfeld

Intense, inside the jersey, suffocating Ben Ball DEFENSE.  Oh I am sure we will get to lot of offense. To check out more great shots from Jack of our Ben Ball warriors click on "Read More" below.

The tip off is set for 8:00 pm PST. You can follow or watch the game by going to this link in the official site. Yes, the game is on National TV (ESPN2). We discussed the game and a certain someone who will be part of the WWL broadcasting team in our Ben Ball game day roundup post here.

Once again if you bleed blue and gold this is your online bar to hang out, chit chat, and celebrate Ben Ball.

The BN center court is all yours. Fire away.


Three more shots courtesy of Jack Rosenfeld. First up, K Love charging to the rim:

Then we have Luuuuuuc trying to glide to the bucket:

And then we will end with a shot of Russell climbing the stairs to lay it in:

Many thanks again to Jack Rosenfeld for sharing those shots with the Nation. We are looking forward to many more. GO BRUINS.