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Monday Football News & Notes

It took 10 games. But CTS finally detected some "effort" in his football team:

"I saw a tremendous effort in every phase," Coach Karl Dorrell said. "The effort was probably the best we've seen. We've played some good teams, and had similar efforts, but we played hard."
I guess after getting blown into pieces by pathetic opponents such as Utah, Notre Dame, Washington State, and Arizona, "effort" can be the company line for the Doofus. It sounds like that old "moral victory" bullsh!t Doofus and his minions tried to feed us after that wonderful "effort" we got against the Trojans at the Rose Bowl in 2004. I am sorry time for taking solace in this kind of "moral victory" is long gone.

After ignoring Rassahn all season by keeping him behind the Law Firm and a true freshman, the Doofus is now encouraged with OR, and wants to work on "fixing" him:
As for Rasshan's performance in his first start, Dorrell said, "Early on, he was antsy and had the adrenaline going. He settled down and played pretty well. He was inexperienced and did not see things at times, but that's part of being a young quarterback. We can fix that."
Yeah he and his band of morons have done such a great job "fixing" Olson and Cowan all these years, that we can hardly wait to see what they do with OR. No thanks Doofus. We are looking forward to a new coach coming in and "fixing" our players screwed up mindset with his coaching, instead of the BS you have been feeding for last 4+ years.

Speaking of Olson and Cowan, it looks like it will be OR again who will start against UO:
Dorrell said no timetable is known for quarterback Patrick Cowan's (concussion/collapsed lung) return, and he was uncertain how much quarterback Ben Olson (knee) would practice this week. But even with the bye, Dorrell re-iterated what Rasshan said after the game - that Rasshan was told by Dorrell he would start Nov. 24 against No. 2 Oregon.

"That's the plan right now," Dorrell said. "Pat is still out indefinitely. We still don't know a time frame with him. And Ben, given the nature of where he is from last week, we're trying to get him back healthy and practicing on the field. So it's really hard to determine that, other than going with what you have healthy. And Osaar is healthy."
Let's hope OR can stay healthy rest of this season. Because you never know with the joke offensive line scheme the Doofus and his morons have in place that kills QBs, just like it did under Shula's last year in Tuscaloosa.

Meanwhile, speaking of injuries Whicker from the OC Register is the latest MSM clown to fall for the injury excuse. Whicker went to Mr. Rent a Quote, I mean Bruce Davis to look for the culprit who ate Dorrell's homework:
On Saturday, UCLA went into a knife-fight carrying a lead pencil, and yet it played beyond the full 60.

The people who report such distractions asked defensive end Bruce Davis if this was indeed a distraction. That's sort of like shining a halogen light into someone's eyes and asking why they're squinting.

But Davis had an answer.

"If Coach Dorrell came onto the field with a helmet and a uniform on, we could say it's him, but he hasn't," Davis said. "From Tuesday to Thursday they give us the game plan and prepare us. Then we have to go out and execute it. When we lose, we haven't executed it, and it's not on the coaches, it's on us.

"The fact that we played so hard today indicates to me that he is getting us ready. I don't worry about it. It doesn't have anything to do with the way we're playing, but what I see every day is a passionate coach who is doing everything he can to help us win."
Uh its nice that everyone played "hard." But the Doofus himself said that everyone gave an "effort" on Saturday, that wasn't present earlier in the season, when they were getting destroyed by powerful teams such as Utah, Notre Dame, Washington State, and Arizona. So by Davis' reasoning it is on the coaches for not getting them ready in those earlier losses, when there weren't serious injuries.

The excuses came flowing out of Davis:
"I know what I'm about to say will sound like an excuse," Davis said, "but we've got enough guys hurt to make a pretty good football team in here."
Sigh. What can I say. I will just share some of the comments you all posted when Typhoid Terry rolled out the injury excuse last week leading into the ASU game. From tasser10:
Actually, let's focus on the injuries

But specifically, let's focus on why the injuries are happening. There are several reasons and they are ALL attributable to Toast & company.

Weak Offensive Line: there has been no continuity in this group, be it in the players or in the coaches. Bob Connelly is incompetent, as his resume from Alabama clearly demonstrated.

Undersized/Underconditioned players: if I remember correctly, some of the past players were commenting on the small size of our current crop of players. Add to that what I believe is a poor conditioning program, and the conditions are ripe for injuries. KD's strategy of recruiting "diamonds in the rough" is not working, as a lot of these kids are simply not physically ready for college football. It seems our conditioning is just not working either. On defense, our front line seems to be overmatched physically, they just look small compared to the beefy boys on opposing offensive lines. This is all on recruiting and conditioning.

Bad play calling: this is oftentimes overlooked. If the opposing defense knows what plays you will be running, they can come at you much harder and commit to punishing hits. Furthermore, the indecision on the part of the QBs is very much due to these lame play calls, as receivers cannot get open. Any football player will tell you that there is no room for confusion and hesitation on the field. Lack of confidence and lack of focus will lead to playing scared and opening yourself up for big hits. As for the RBs, I mean, come on! When you run right up the middle every time and have a bunch of 300lbs dudes falling on you, how can you not get hurt?

Anyway, I am no expert on football, these are just my thoughts. Our team looks shrimpy, unprepared and hesitant.

Bad recruiting + bad training + bad playcalling = injuries

No excuses.
And BruinsRule from the same thread:
To date, we have started only our 1st or 2nd string QB (and really, these two are pretty much interchangeable in that neither is all-everything or completely terrible; they're both slightly below average QBs--at least based on their performance in CTS's alleged system). So, we've gone 5-4 despite not playing any teams currently in the rankings and despite starting one of our top 2 QBs in every game.

At running back, we have had our top RB for all but the last 6 quarters. We have had our 3rd and 4th string RBs for the entire year. In any event, Donahue must have forgotten that he "led" UCLA to the Rose Bowl in 1993 without at least our top two RBs (Skip Hicks and the RB f/k/a Sharmon Shah were injured for much of the year), including the clincher against USC. You can still get it done if you have a good o-line (and the '93 line was outstanding, anchored by Ogden and with a few other future NFL players). This year's line has no future NFL players and no locks to play in the NFL at any other offensive position.
And add to all of that the simple fact is that if the Doofus had spent his practice time on preparing OR instead of the Law Firm, we wouldn't look at the humiliating prospect of serving up the only victory in the worst football team the Notre Program has ever produced. That was all on the Doofus.

So let the idiots in the MSM and all the Dorrell chronies within or outside the program, keep rolling out their pathetic, BS excuses. We will keep shredding them day after day. And all everyone needs to do is to make sure you share our counterarguments with every Bruin you know through these last few days. Do not let up.