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Center Court: Ben Ball (CS San Bernardino) Open Thread

I have been a little tired all day today after staying up past 1 am to take in my first Ben Ball action of the season. But none of it matters. I have been smiling ear to ear knowing I get to watch our warriors again tonight on national television.

Pull up a chair or settle down on the couch, pop open a cold one, and watch what the best basketball coach in America has in store for the Bruin Nation:

Photo credit: Codilicious' photostream

Love the shot of Tracy - "Trey" - Murray and Donnie Mac. Reminds me of freshman year (91).

Anyway, going back to present. We got off to a little sluggish start last night. We are not going to be able to afford to do the same again tonight against a Cal State San Bernardino team that will bring 40 minutes of pressure. If you need a good primer on the Coyotes, check out the preview on Bruin Basketball Report.

The tip off is set for 7:30 pm PST. You can follow or watch the game by going to this link on the official site. ESPN2 is carrying the game again tonight.

Once again, if you bleed blue and gold, this is your online bar to hang out, chit chat, and celebrate Ben Ball.

The BN center court is all yours. Fire away.