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Just The Best ...

Building on T's post below. Looks like Ben Ball warriors got a lot of love from the WWL last two days (DG please take note what happens when Bruin games are on ESPN, and pass it on to Tom Hansen, the idiot in charge of the Pac-10, who is responsible for our conference's joke TV Ks). That's a topic for another day. Getting back to the main attraction.

Coach Howland and his warriors made an appearance on WWL's "All Access." Thanks to all the BNers who brought it to our attention (I was busy watching the pro version of a Dorrellian nightmare, courtesy of the Niners). In case you haven't seen it, here it is:

Thought it was worthy of more attention. Special thanks to tsunugundam for posting the video in our last Ben Ball open game thread (and I noticed later JKNaka diaried it as well). What else is there to say? I will just quote Fox 71:

He's just the best.  He sees the entire book from the first chapter to the last all at the same time.
He is the ultimate Anti-CTS.

Our next game thread will go up right before tip off (7:30 pm PST).