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Bruins Bury Coyotes with 3 Point Barrage: Postgame Thread

True to the scouting reports, CSSB utilized a full court press from the very start. They should have pressured the 3 point line instead, as the Bruins, led by Shipp and Love, crushed the Coyotes 76-41 both inside and outside en route to what was IMO the most lopsided win yet.

Putting a Div 2 team against the best defense in Div 1 is cruel and unusual punishment, as CSSB was fortunate to break into the 40's even with the walk-ons playing extended minutes.

Besides the workmanlike contribution from Love that we are quickly coming to expect (and greatly appreciate) Shipp continued his torrid streak from beyond the arc, leaving no doubt as to what the outcome of the game would be.

And by the way, we're still missing 3 players.

Photo Credit: Gus Ruelas (AP)

We aren't yet where we want to be, and we will get a better idea of how close we are to the final product once Collison returns hopefully next week. But we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were last year at this time, and as I recall, we did pretty well for ourselves last year. Let us hope for a healthy return of our point guard against Maryland.

Postgame thread. Go for it.